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corner.gifWithin these pages, I will be talking hockey, hockey players, hockey writers, hockey pucks and hockey schlockey with an Ottawa Senators bent.  I’m new to the world of blog creation, so at least to begin, these pages will be crude and simple….but then so am I. 

The Senators get underway with their first preseason game tonight.  (more on that later)

 I wouldn’t exactly say that the Senators have been busy this offseason, but it hasn’t been for lack of trying.  Here are a list of transactions and my thoughts on each:

 The Senators replaced GM, John Muckler with Head Coach, Bryan Murray.  I guess building a Stanley Cup winner in Anaheim and then getting beat by them in the finals earns you a promotion.  Before he was shown the door, former GM, John Muckler re-signed free agent to be, Dean McAmmond for two years at $875M per.  McAmmond fits well with the Sens as he is fast and versatile.  He is typically a third or fourth line player with the Senators, but can fill in on the top lines if necessary.  He also kills penalties.  Good signing, Mucks! 

Muckler also signed Oleg Saprykin, who was promptly persuaded by new GM, Bryan Murray to sign in Russia by telling him that he wouldn’t see time above the fourth line.  Reversal!  Two points for Murray.  Murray continued his tinkering of the roster by trading Peter Schaefer, who has a knack with board work and some talent, but earned the ire of Murray by not shooting enough.  Out goes 40 to 50 points and $2MM in salary.  Coming back from Boston was Shean Donovan, who had his best year with 42 points for Calgary the year before the lockout, but had more recently been relegated to 4th line duty.  The Sens save better than $1MM in salary with the move.  Next, Murray avoided arbitration with goalie Ray Emery, by signing him for 3 years at $3.1MM per.  Emery comes to camp with a bum wrist that required surgery and some off ice troubles including a couple of car accidents, some anger issues and a number of rumours.  Also resigned were Christoph Schubert, who played mostly as a 4th line winger, but is a natural defenseman, and fellow defensemen Chris Phillips and Anton Volchenkov for 3 years each; they form the shut down defensive pairing.  Walking via free agency was last year’s top scoring defenseman, Tom Preissing who returned to sunny California.  He will be missed, but is not irreplaceable.

Notable moves that were not made include Joe Corvo and Martin Gerber for whom Murray could not find a reasonable trading partner.  There was a deal worked out that would have moved Wade Redden and his $6.5MM paycheck but Redds nixed that with his no-trade clause.   

 The Senators will be looking at a couple of rookies to possibly take 1 or 2 roster spots and they are rumoured to be in the market for a top 6 forward. 

That’s the majority of the roster news.  I will address further roster possibilities at a later time, but now I’m off to give a listen to the game against the Flyers.


One Response to “Welcome to Hockeyschlock!!”

  1. hockeycop Says:

    Al, it’s your favorite Bufflo-based Sabres hater and Habs fan (who stole the $25 re. Okposo). I’m liking your Sens this year, but must say that they are not too deep at forward… Rumors of a Foppa signing — if true — could be what takes you over the top this year.

    I forgot to mention that the possible trade I spoke of earlier that included Backstrom could also include Kiprusoff (yes, the guy has BOTH!). So, which one do you like (NB: our league uses only GAA for goalies).

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