Senators Fight Washington (it’s an old story)

207530218.jpgLines for tonights Caps game:

If you’re looking at the box score, you’ll see that Alfie scored while on the ice, five on five, with Spezza and Heatley.  Paddock threw him out there for 2 or 3 shifts and that’s all it took to get on the tally sheet.

Top Line:  Heatley, Spezza, Eaves….Alfie came on as a forward on the number 1 power play unit along with Redden and Schubert on the points.  In the third period, Eaves stayed out for the number 1 unit and Alfie moved to the point.   No solid information gained, except to say that they’re considering all options which boosts Alfie’s value, I would say. 

Second Line:  This was all over the place.  Let’s call it Alfie, Vermette, Kelly.

Early second unit power play:  Lee & Nycholat on the points, Eaves, Vermette & Cody Bass up front.

Gerber gives up 3 goals and is replaced by Brian Elliott which was the plan all along; the replacement, not the 3 goals.  I mentioned Elliott in an earlier post; it’s interesting to note that he was the 291st pick in the 2003 draft.  He may very well turn out to be the steal of that draft.  I really don’t think he has a chance in Hades to crack the lineup this year unless there is a trade, but you keeper leaguers may want to keep an eye on his AHL stats this year.   Elliott gave up 1 goal in half a game and got the win as the Sens storm back from 3-1 down

Is Nick Foglino making a spot for himself on the roster with his 2nd goal and 5th point in two games?  Gosh, I have to think so; wake-up call answered.  In the postgame interview, Paddock was slow to praise him, but I have to believe that was to keep the youngsters head from swelling.


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