Brian Burke: Defender of the Old Guard

2179803943.jpg[Brian Burke on Kevin Lowe] 

“If I had run my team into the sewer like that I wouldn’t throw a grenade at the other 29 teams and my own indirectly,” said Burke. “So I have no intention of speaking to him anytime soon.”

I love Brian Burke…..and I very much dislike Brian Burke.  I guess you’d call it a Love/Strong Dislike thing.  He’s a very smart hockey man, he’s fun to listen to and he’s a great quote.  What I don’t like about Burkey is his total and complete inability to let go of the Old Guard notions he harbours.   It started with his defense of Big Bad Bert and continues today with his firing shots at Kevin Lowe for making an offer sheet to one of his restricted players; a practice that was nearly unthinkable before the salary cap came to town. 

In the pre-cap days (hereinafter referred to as PCD), the offer sheet was seen as the Spectre of salary inflation and it certainly would have been had it been used much.  Today, there is nothing inflationary about the offer sheet.  If Edmonton wants to pay Dustin Penner $4 million for 6 years, or whatever, go nuts.  If he doesn’t perform up to that level, it hurts only the Edmonton Oilers and they will deserve it.  If he earns it, good for him and the team.  If he doesn’t the oilers will have wasted valuable cap space on a not so valuable player.


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