Play Time

3547309042.jpgThe Senators are off this week and spent a few days at a luxury resort fishing, playing golf and giving wedgies and swirlies to the young guys.  What fun!  They did get down to hockey the last night, playing an intersquad scrimmage.  Of course, there were no coaches there and Brian McGratton potted 5 goals in a 13-11 loss.  I hope the boys don’t lose their penchant for back checking. 

 Goalie Stuff

Emery had good stats in his first start; win, 1 GAA, .969 Sv%.  I suspect it’s going to be the end of November or mid-December before we have any real idea of what the goalie situation is going to be and then it’s very possible that he will simply rotate them based on feel.  It’s possible that he won’t pick a number one until March.  They’ll both get starts, to be sure, but Paddock is going to be tight-lipped about his starter.  The press won’t know until the morning of the game. 

Now, that said, there are rumours that Murray offered a goalie for Dustin Brown and Alex Frolov and we don’t know which one.  The Kings deny it.  There’s also the matter of the back up goalie if the Sens were to move one of them, which right now would be Jeff Glass or Brian Elliott.  Glass is getting most of the starts in Bingo and has good numbers, but I don’t believe for a second that they would go with him as the backup for any length of time, or Elliott either for that matter.  They could sign a veteran like Cujo, but do you want to bring in a guy that old who hasn’t been playing?  I just don’t like the situation at all.

Add to all this the rumour that Forsberg has the Senators on his short list of teams he’d play for.  He’s rumoured to want $5 million and a multi-year deal.  Now I’m not the GM, but if I was, there would be no way I’d give Forsberg a multi-year deal.  That’s a risk the Senators don’t need to take.    However, if they are able to sign Forsberg, they will trade a goalie and take their chances, I would think.

Schubert; anyone else notice that he falls down a lot?

 The Senators are getting healthy; McAmmond is supposed to be back shortly, Vermette will also return after back spasms, Foglino is doing fine after going head first into the boards and the Sens aren’t going to carry more than 21 players because Murray doesn’t like to have players sitting.  This means someone is likely on their way to Bingo and that someone is likely Foglino as everyone else has to clear waivers, but we’ll find out soon enough and it won’t have fantasy ramifications anyway. 


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