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42367946492.jpg42367946491.jpg4236794649.jpg  So, someone intimated to me that they read my posts and they aren’t very interesting.  It was someone I know and have at least a modicum of respect for (it was me).  Well, it got me thinking….I have a bunch of thoughts about hockey throughout the day and I don’t share most of them here and I really (maybe) should.  Here are some of them that I had today:

If Phil Esposito were playing hockey today, Derek Boogaard would be skating laps around him.  I know it’s a different game now and the players train year round and work on all parts of their games, while Espo’s offseason training was composed of chasing down pickerel with a 12 pack.  But, the difference in the level of skating between the 70s and now is truly astounding.  42367946491.jpg  

If you’re not aware of the John Tavares situation, here it is:

He’s a 17 year old kid playing Major Junior hockey for the Oshawa Generals.  He had 134 points in 67 games last year including 72 goals (more goals than Gretzky ever scored in junior, but not as many as Ray Ferraro).  So far this year, he has 15 goals in 12 games and a total of 28 points.  At this point, he is not eligible to enter next year’s NHL draft because his 18th birthday misses the cut off by 5 days.  He and his agent are petitioning the NHL to be included in the next draft because they feel he cannot develop any further playing Major Junior.  The NHL doesn’t appear to be too keen on the idea and their point is; where do you draw the line?  If there’s a guy with 65 goals and misses the cut off by 7 days, do you make him eligible?…..and so on. 

Today, there is an article in the Toronto Sun calling for John Ferguson Jr.’s head.  It says basically, that he’s ruined the Leafs and they need to replace him before he does any more damage (I would argue that the Leafs were ruined before JFJ took over, but that’s another post). 

In a competing paper, The Globe and Mail, there is an article about how JFJ (he’s no JFK) is going to make a contract offer to Tavares to play professional hockey for the Leafs’ farm team; the Toronto Marlies.  Tavares could play professional hockey and get paid, albeit not an NHL salary for the next 4 years at which time they bring him up to the Leafs and circumvent the draft (and the Collective Bargaining Agreement).  Now, I’m not saying one has anything to do with the other, but….well, yes….I am saying that.  Jr. is clearly feeling the pressure of his continually failing defenseman (the one’s he signed to long term contracts) and trying to save his job by locking up a hometown hero to be. 

I would say this ploy has a zero percent chance of working.  First of all, why would Tavares want any part of this?  Not only will he not get to play NHL hockey next year, but he won’t be able to play NHL hockey the next three years.   Secondly, and more importantly, the NHL has a clause in their by-laws that says they can block any move that attempts to circumvent the CBA.  There’s no way this is happening.  John Ferguson Jr. is even more pathetic a figure than he was a day ago.   It’s astounding to me the level of thinking in Toronto.  Everyone wants to play for the Leafs.  Whenever there is a big free agent to be, that’s all you hear from Leafs’ Nation.  Players wanted to play there when the team had a limitless checkbook.  With the salary cap, it’s just another market to 99% of players.  Get used to it!

Anyway, John Tavares and his agent can petition all they want and they may even be right that he won’t develop any further in juniors, but that’s only if he doesn’t try.  Here’s a thought; spend a season working on your two-way play so you’re even more valuable to an NHL franchise. 

42367946491.jpg  Last night, Vinny Lecavalier got into a fight and was tossed from the game with thirteen minutes left and his team down by one goal.  The call in shows today couldn’t stop talking about how Vinny shouldn’t be fighting; he has to stay on the ice….blah blah blah.  Why is it a travesty when Lecavalier drops the gloves but when Jarome Iginla does, everyone crows about what a great leader he is for his team?  “He’s leading by example…trying to spark his team” blahpiddy bloopiddy boo.

Tonight, Vinny drops the gloves again; this time in the first period.  I’m thinking of dropping him from my fantasy team.  I’m not sure I can afford to have a goon on my team right now. 

42367946492.jpg  Jason Spezza will have a long term contract with the Senators before the season is over.  No, I don’t know anything that isn’t in print; I’m just sayin’…….


2 Responses to “Something Interesting”

  1. Keith Says:

    Finally, an interesting blog 🙂

    Seriously though, good points on the Tavares situation. He and his agent feel he can’t improve further in Junior? I want some of what they’re smoking. They’re just after a payday, and another year in Junior will severely cut into the agent’s potential for that new Porsche.

    And I’m working on that skate sharpener to trade you for Vinny…

  2. Burt Reynolds Says:

    Burt Reynolds

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this.

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