2790906358.jpg[From a Senator’s beat writer] 

“Gerber, who played solid throughout, wound up with 25 saves.”

What is it with hockey people??……it’s like they don’t know that the letters L and Y exist.  The Senators poured cement down Gerber’s throat and he played solid.

In any event, Gerber wasn’t really tested very much.  Most of the shots were from the outside as the Devils (I can’t believe I’m saying this) were looking to fire every shot they could find in the hopes that Gerber would be his usual backboardy self .  Of course, there was some poetry in the goal that the Devils did get; a juicy rebound goes into Volchenkov’s skate and right into the net.  Aside from that, I wasn’t cringing nearly as badly with Gerber’s lack of rebound control, as some games.

Alfie played the second period on a line with Foglino and Fisher, but otherwise skated for Pizza.


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