The Emery crap just keeps getting better (or worse, depending upon your perspective).  Even small children will start turning their backs on him.   From TSN:

 While the team began doing some hard skating drills 50 minutes into practice, Ray Emery left the ice due to back spasms, he did it [hurt himself] while playing baseball on Sunday.

Keep up the good work, Ray.

On to the game….The Saturday match against the Habs was the best hockey game I’ve ever seen in November.  The atmosphere, attitude and affort (I’m a sucker for alliteration) were outstanding.  Anyone who thinks a 1-1 game (which this was for 55 minutes) can’t be exciting is just plain nuts.  Highlights were:

Kelly stepping into the middle of a Heatley after-whistle scrap to stick up for his superstar teammate (Heatley, 220 pounds, Kelly 200 pounds).

And, I got a huge kick out of Eaves and Koivu getting 4 minute double minors for their “fight”.  I guess if your punch can’t break a pretzel, you’re spared the fighting major.  Hilarious!


Jason Spezza skated with the team today and is expected to be in the  lineup on Thursday.  Given the effort of Fisher in Spezza’s absence, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fisher remained with Alfreddson, while the Spezza and Heatley duo remains in tact.  Most likely subjects to play third wheel on the top two lines in this scenario would be Eaves, Neil, Robitaille and McAmmond, which would be important fantasy-wise if some chemistry develops.  Of course, Paddock can always throw the Pizza line back together and it’s all moot.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on this.


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