Vermette and Trading


No, I’m not suggesting that Vermette is going to be traded.  I’m suggesting that you should consider adding him in your fantasy league.  He’s been promoted to second line duty and playing with Alfredsson.  He’s responded with 4 points in the last 2 games. 

 The Skin Trade

Brian Burke is at it again.  Now he’s complaining that clubs are not able to trade salary along with players.  With so many teams up against the cap, it makes trading players very difficult because you have to have dollar for dollar deals.  The general idea would be that teams would be allowed to pay some of the salary of a player they are trading in order to facilitate more activitiy.   I’m not going to come out and say that I’m against trading in the NHL, but I think I’m against this idea.  I am going to suggest that it is up to GMs and the teams to decide the best way to structure their teams given the constraints of the cap and then live with their decisions.  If a team wants to have flexibility to make moves throughout the season, they should plan for that.  There are teams out there that have left themselves with cap room to make moves, if necessary.  Brian Burke did not and is now crying fowl  (misspelling intentional). 

Many people are lamenting that there is less trading in the NHL, but I personally have no problem with it.  It’s always struck me odd that teams, essentially, go through 60 games of the season with a set of players, amassing points or not, and then add a big superstar at the trade deadline and they’re a completely different team.  Sometimes it turns out badly for the team acquiring the superstar (see: the Nashville Predators and Peter Forsberg) and that to me is almost as tragic as when it works.  If I’m a GM, I think I would be very careful in messing with team chemistry that appears to be working.  That’s easy for me to say, since I’m not a GM and I don’t face the pressures from media and fans to make a deal.  Seemingly any deal will do just so it seems that the GM “cares”.  At least, until the deal doesn’t work and then he’s taken to the wood shop for a good verbal thrashing or maybe loses his job over it.   It’s understood that not making the deadline deal can also cost a GM his job (see: John Muckler and Gary Roberts, supposedly).

The trade deadline phenomena in the NHL is a time-honored tradition and I’m not one to trample on tradition, but I’m not going to cry over inactivity when teams haven’t adequately prepared themselves for it either. 


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