Hockey Day in Canada!!

I’ll say it again; Hockey Day in Canada is my favorite day of the year.  It’s my Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving all rolled into one.  It’s Canada’s gift to me, full of tasty treats and a full day of sport.   I sold my tickets to the Wild game so I wouldn’t miss a minute of the celebration. 

Redden is a selfish, selfish boy!

 That’s what some malcontents suggested when Redden did not want to discuss a move to another team before the trade deadline.  Thankfully, a majority of people polled, don’t hold this judgement:

Do you consider players selfish if they refuse to waive their no-trade clause?



I have no idea what’s wrong with the 22% who disagree.  First of all, this is the major reason to negotiate a no-trade clause (the other being to control where you might be willing to be traded).  Redden wants to stay and play out his contract with the Senators.  The only selfishness involved is the very best kind; the kind that displays committment and leadership.  I’m more than happy to have Redden go to battle in the playoffs for this team and then see how it all plays out after the season is over.  Even with some of his erratic play this year, he’s still a far better defenseman than anyone we would bring up from Bingo or (the rumoured) Matt Carle who would have come back in the trade.  Not to mention that chemistry, as much as anything, is a key ingredient to a Cup run.  

With this final NO to a trade, (this isn’t the first time Murray’s asked him to waive the NTC), I expect to see the Redden Senators’ fans used to love, the rest of the way down the stretch.

I’ve seen a couple people question the decision to play Redden with Corvo.  First of all, I’ll admit that I’m a Joe Corvo apologist; I really like his skating and niftiness (oh gosh, Beave) with the puck, but I think there may be some solid psychology behind playing them together (I’m not a psychologist but I have three close friends who are).  I think playing them together might force both of them to think a bit more defensively knowing that the other might go on a wild rush or cough up the puck.  It’s a bit of a stretch, I know but it’s something I’ve been (over)thinking lately.  Of course, the biggest problem with this pairing is that they both tend to get run over by a good forecheck and that isn’t likely to change without some concentrated work in the weight room. 

Ollie Jokinen

Would I love to see Ollie Jokinen in a Senators sweater?  You betchyer sweet ass! (those of you who have one).  Jokinen is an under-appreciated player who borders on being a superstar, he’s only being paid $5.25 million and is signed through 2010. 

There’s an anonymous GM quoted as saying “”I’d love to make a play for Olli Jokinen, but I can’t get a hold of Jacques Martin, and he won’t return my calls.”

Now, I don’t have any inside information about which GM made the comment, but I’d give you 5-1 that it was Bryan Murray.  I’d be further willing to bet that you will never see a trade between the Sens and Panthers as long as Jacques Martin is the GM for that team.  Martin turned down a Phillips/Vermette/Emery for Roberto Luongo trade.  Obviously, it’s personal with Martin because the crap trade he ended up making for Bertuzzi, Alex Auld and Bryan Allen, only one of whom are still with the club, should have been enough to get him fired.  Add to that, that Martin doesn’t speak to the best player currently on his roster (Ollie Jokinen) and you have the makings of a mad man.  Putting your personal anger ahead of the good of the team you coach and manage is bad for business, just ask Sonny Corleone (when you see him).

By the way, PJ Stock is the worst thing to happen to Hockey Night in Canada in a long time.

{NDIC Update}  Ok, it’s probably well assumed that I don’t like the Maple Leafs.  But I no longer think the Leafs should trade Mats Sundin and it’s not out of any kind of spite (in that I think it’s probably what they need to do to get better).  Mats was singing along to O’ Canada before the Leafs/Wings game today.  Maybe I’m a little over-emotional today, but I think Mats deserves whatever he wants.

{HDIC Update}  Dean Brown and Garry Galley have the call for the CBC.  They’re not doing a very good job of hiding their loyalties, which is more than a little disappointing to me given how hard I ride Harry Neale for the same thing with regards to the Leafs.  Hands down, the most objective announcer is Doc Emrick who gives a very objective call whether he’s working for the Devils, Versus or NBC.


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    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Peter Quinn

  2. freewillig Says:

    For some reason, your comment ended up in a Spam folder on the site. Sorry about that.

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