The Sens Army Needs Ritalin

A week ago, I would have prescribed some anti-depressants for Senator fans (and beat writers), but I now think they need to calm down a bit.  Holy Christ!  Can we be a little more schizophrenic, people??  Jason Spezza back checks once a game whether he likes it or not.  He just happened to be really effective at it the one time he did against the Bruins.  It’s being celebrated in the press like he just rolled back the rock and stepped into the light. 

Oh, and Martin Gerber’s performance is now brilliant.  Martin Gerber has played better lately, even very good.  He is not Patty Roy.  He made a very good save at a very important juncture against the Bs.  But in all honesty, if Kessel gets that puck in the air, the Sens are down 1-0 and the game is very different.  As it happened, Kessel put it in Gerb’s pads.  Good for us.  Other than that, he was solid and made the stops that he’s supposed to make.  The biggest difference in his game is that he’s covering the puck instead of trying to steer rebounds to the corners, which he generally doesn’t do very well.  Too many of those pucks end up in the slot and then behind him. 

Do not take any of this the wrong way….I’m pleased as punch that the bus is moving again, but I’m still discouraged by the lack of physical play by our boys.  They hit everything that moved the last time they played the Pens, but were scared little children against the Ducks the very next game. 

Anyhoo, this is feeling much better than when the Senators were taking it in the ass from every national outlet a week ago.  Pierre Lebrun quoted an unnamed GM as saying the Senators were the laziest team in the NHL.  Buccigross blogged the Ducks/Sens game and hit our boys pretty hard in the process.  (I don’t blame him as I about swallowed 40 sleeping pills after that one myself.)  The talking mutts on XM radio have been predicting a 1 round exit.   I’m kind of hoping people continue to count us out…..but if we don’t start throwing some meaningful hits at the opposition, I don’t see us coming out of the East.   

Oh, and would someone please put Ray Emery out of our misery!  I’m seriously prepared to go to the playoffs with an AHLer as our backup just to get him out of the dressing room.  If our playoff run goes down in flames because of a Gerber injury (or regression), so be it.  Just cut the string already.

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