O Canadiens

I love the nervous energy I had all day today even if my co-workers didn’t always appreciate it.  I was near giddy; singing or even worse, whistling along to every song on the radio.  Gawwwdddd…I’m annoying!  But, it sure feels like playoff time and what in the hell is better than that.  So far, this game feels like a playoff game except for the lack of physical play.  I have to be honest; I wouldn’t mind at all facing the Habs in the playoffs…they’re just as soft as we are. 

The Senators get a pick-me-up as Alfie is in the lineup.  He doesn’t look great out there.  I’m sure he’s still hurting and wish they’d just let him rest and get better for now.   It’s just so obvious that he’s not quite right and this game is not that important in the scheme of things.

At least the verbal sparing is Heatleying up as he’s been jawing with Komisarek all night.  I think Mikey has been treating him as rubbish a bit.

 In case you hadn’t noticed, Wade Redden has lost his spot on the top power play unit.  It’s now Meszaros and Stillman on the points with Heater, Alfie and the Spezz Dispenser.  The second unit is Redden, Schubert, Vermette, Lapointe and Fisher.

1-0 at the end of the first.  The Sens get a power play tip in goal by Spezz.  The vaunted Hab PP failed on it’s one attempt and the Senators will start the 2nd period with 1:40 in PP time.   

For once, Gerber isn’t the goalie with the rebound problems.  Price gave up two goals on rebounds….sure, one of them was banked in off the goalie from behind the net, but it’s nice to have the manure on the other team’s guy for now.

It’s 3-0 Senators after two periods.  Spezza has his 2nd (on the afore mentioned bank in from behind the net) and Vermette cleans up the other rebound on a Kelly shot off the rush.  In other news…the Wild have a 2-1 lead over the Devils which makes me happy for two reasons; a Wild win both helps the Senators a bit and makes my attendance at playoff hockey games, all that much more likely.   Oh man, I hope the Wild and Senators don’t play on the same nights in the first round.   Shouldn’t have said anything…the Devils just tied it up.

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the Sens being screwed by the refs lately.   Well, not tonight.  Commodore and Redden both get away with obvious interference calls in the first.  Streit gets called for a phantom hook and Koivu gets called for a phantom trip.  The interference thing has gotten WAYYYY out of hand lately.  You see it on pretty much every dump in now; the Dman holding up the forechecker and the Ducks are the absolutely the best at getting away with this.  Just another reason to hate the Ducks.

 The Senators played defense the way they played in the first 17 games this season in closing out the 3-0 victory.  It’s a pleasure to watch them when they’re playing that hard and that smart.  But, I’m keeping the pins in my Paddock doll for now, just to be sure.


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