My Disjointed Mind is Going to Carolina

[in case you haven’t noticed, I’m still figuring out the formatting features of this blog site.  I know the interwebs community is a patient bunch so I’m taking my time] 

Hang on folks…it’s the day after/before St. Patty’s day (St. Paul celebrates on the closest Saturday to the actual day) and this is going to be as disjointed as the Senators’ play today.

Joe Corvo hit someone….sure, it was Vermette, but still.  Redden finally hit someone; it was Eaves.  Seeing a pattern here?

 Kinda funny watching Commodore go after Ruutu all day.  “Let’s see, which of these guys am I not friends with?????  I guess I could hit Eaves, but some of the guys really like him.  Oh yeah, this guy Ruutu is a bit of a jerk; I’ll just beat on this chump all day.  Let’s see….how many penalties do I want to take; I think I’ll shoot for 5” 

Do you think Corvo wants to stick it to the Senators if for no other reason than to raise a middle finger to the Ottawa media?  Understatement of the game….”Joe Corvo has fit in nicely here in Raleigh”; hattrick, Corvo!

Nice to see that Stillman wants to stay with the Senators.  He’s making $1.75 million this year, which is a bargain for a crafty vet like him.  He’s 34 now so he likely has a few more productive years in him.  I’m hoping he’s willing to work for $2 million or so.  I may well be dreaming in that regard; kinda like this gem of a dream I had last night.  I was playing football (soccer for some of you) for Tottenham Hotspur (the side I support) and it was me playing; not some good soccer playing version of me.  I was playing the striker position and the keeper for the other team kicked a bad clearing right to me.  Instead of catching the ball with my foot (since I’m not good at the sort of thing) I caught it with my hand and went around my back like I would dribbling a basketball and then fired it home.  Unfortunately, that pesky referee caught the handball thing.

I’ve lost all patience for Randy Robitaille.  He’s just not an effective hockey player.  He’s an ok skater, but he doesn’t do much else except for get in the way.  When he’s not getting in the way, you don’t notice him at all.  I can’t remember the last time I saw him lay a check, get in on the forecheck, backcheck, sidecheck, or bouncecheck.  I’d much rather see McAmmond, or for chrissakes Vermette, taking up the ice time on the top line.  Is it just me or has Vermette had bunny loads of jump lately?  It’s like he got a license to carry a concealed rabbit; like he has a trampoline in his pocket; a bungee chord in his pants……..too bad he can’t seem to find the back of the net.

I really really really really (picture another 20 really‘s) don’t want to be that guy, but I went back to the boxscore for the Ducks game to see if Bill McCreary was the referee that day.  Don’t get me wrong; I think he’s a very good official, but I was just wondering if there wasn’t some subconscious residual punishment being heaped on the Senators for the abuse Murray gave him that day.  Yup, I’m overthinking again; McCreary wasn’t involved in that match.

Does Dany Heatley have to complain everytime he gets called for a penalty?  I kinda like it when he gets nailed.  We get to see him clear his nose in the box.  That’s neat!!  The man leads the league in phlegm.

In the dictionary under Bad; a picture of three Senators below the line after the puck when trying to kill a 5 on 3.  Definition 2:  The Sens’ chemistry today….YUCK! 

In case you don’t know, we lost.  In the careful what you wish for category, would we want to open the playoffs against Carolina? 


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One Response to “My Disjointed Mind is Going to Carolina”

  1. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    The man leads the league in phlegm.

    Ah yes, the little known, but ever so prestigious Snot Rocket Richard trophy, so named in honour of Henri.

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