No Beer and Sens losses, make Al [something, something]

Ok, here’s a chance for the Senators to show us something.  Win and we’re still in striking range for the division.  Lose and we hand it to the Habs.  I’m finally feeling human again, so I’m having a beer with my hockey (which is the normal state) and looking forward to the match.   

I flip on the tube to find Mr. Magoo is doing the game. Oh boy!  This guy must have pictures of someone with someone else doing somethings; possibly naughty or illegal things, otherwise, how the hell does he still have a job.  Not to mention that he worked in the playoffs last year; unbelievable.  I wouldn’t let him work a Monopoly game.  Oh well…here we go:

Period One

Please take your time getting across the crease, Herr Gerber.  I’m sure there’s no hurry.  1-0 Habs.

Watching Randy Robitaille trying to lay a check reminds me a bit of my 6 year old niece cozying up to my dog.  It’s really kinda sad.  I was thinking that I would give him credit for at least trying to hit someone, but it’s just so lacking in conviction that I can’t muster any love.

This is shaping into a crappy night.  The Habs are really taking it to the Senators; out-hitting, out-skating and dare I say, out-caring. 

Wade gets an owie behind the net so there’s not much help in front of Gerber for the inevitable rebound; 2-0 Habs. 

Some more crappy play and more crappy crap and the freakin’ crap is crappy crap crap; 3-0 Habs.  There’s going to have to be something extraordinary happen for me to continue this post.  And I was so excited for hockey….and a beer.

Changing Horses in Mid-stream; NCAA Baskeball

Let me start out by saying that I have run an NCAA pool since I was a freshman in high school (that’s 25 years).  I played college basketball.  (Emery in goal to start the second period) I’ve played basketball since I was 6.  I was the kid in town who always had a ball with him; I carried it around like little girls carry around a Barbie.  But, I’m losing interest in March Madness and I’m not running a pool this year.  Here’s a partial list of things I watched instead of NCAA basketball over the last four days:  hockey, English football, golf, M*A*S*H (no, they’re not making new episodes), Survivorman, March of the Penguins (not hockey related, btw), and (a very crappy movie) Sahara.  That’s not to say I didn’t watch at all.  It was on the TV as I napped a bit and I even watched the full games when the Badgers played.  (It’s 6-1 Habs now)  But, here’s the thing….for most of the game I end up yelling at the TV begging for traveling calls; it’s just such a joke now.  At one point in a Tennessee game, a player changed his pivot foot twice and there was no call.   The college game is more and more like the pro game every day which is to say, it’s sucky.  I can barely muster a molecule in my body that wants to watch anything that resembles professional basketball.   That’s where I am.

The powers that be must think that taking 3 steps to make some bullshit playground move makes for more exciting basketball.  Well, I demand a little more integrity than that.  I’m sorry folks; I’m out!

It’s 7-1 Habs now.  I’m going to watch the third period to see if we come out and pound Max Lapierre into a bloody pulp, which would show me that we, at least, have a pulse.  It’s funny; the day after the last Habs game which we won 3-0, the talk shows on Team 1200 were all about how the Senators reminded the Canadiens who the big boys really are.  I suspect I may be sending an email to the Morons tomorrow. 

Take heart, Leafs’ fans; alas this is all you have left:  The Senators are not a good hockey team right now.   Rush over to TSN to tell the world how bad we are.  Go on…git, now; TSN is thirsting for your brilliance. 

 I really try hard to not get too high with a win or too low with a loss, but I just wonder when the Senators are going to start to show some urgency (if ever).  This is not a team I have much faith in at this point.

I’d like to say something nice about the teasing comeback the Senators made in the third period, but nahhhh… had as much to do with the Habs coasting as any extra effort on the part of the Sens.  And the worst part of it is, the Ottawa media and perhaps the Senators’ players will “take some positives” from it.  NOOOOO!!!!!!…..they need to be punished for this crapass performance.   Here’s a radical idea; how about a bag skate on game day?   We take our lumps against the Buffaloes tomorrow and then see if the boys are made of anything other than wet sand the rest of the way.  Or maybe I’m just extraordinarily cranky today.  What started as an evening full of energy has ended with me feeling like a slug.  Perhaps I’ll chuck myself into a salt pot.


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