Oh Great! Mister Magoo again??

So, we get Mick McGeough for the second straight night.  Beauty!  It’s not that he screws the Senators; at least, not any worse than he screws anyone else.  It’s just that he’s SOOOOO bad and he ruins the flow of hockey because he just gets it wrong so often.  He frustrates players because they don’t know what call is coming or why.

The first period has been nothing to write home about.  The Senators have been somewhat better about keeping the Buffalos to the outside, but they’ve also given up some chances and a post.   Comparing the opening periods of tonight and last night, I would say the Sens are showing much better energy.  Brian Lee has been fine for the few shifts he’s had.  He certainly doesn’t look out of place (yet).  He even led the rush for an Ottawa chance.  Schubie has a semi-breakaway goal; Sens 1, Buffalos 0.

Second Period

There’s something liberating about losing all confidence in your team.  After last night, I no longer expect anything from this team.  Which is good because I’m not getting much of anything from them in the second period.   Derek “Asspimple” Roy scores and even in the replay, I cannot find the defenseman who is supposed to be standing in the spot from which Roy scores.  Here’s something sad;  to this point, Brian Lee has been the best defenseman for the Senators. 

Third Period

It’s difficult to really describe just how stinky our defensive coverage has been.  Maybe “fetid, maggot infested, dead bayou catfish in 95 degree heat” stinky; or how about “dead squirrel wrapped in a slice of bologna and stuffed in a shoe” stinky?  Yeah, I think that’s the one.  It’s now 3-1 Buffalos (The Pimple has his second of the night) and it could easily be 6-1.  Remember when our defensive corps was a strength?  Gosh, those days were neat.

You know frustration is setting in when Cory Stillman throws a gloved punch at Vanek for pretty much no reason.  Nice shot, Cory!  I’m with you.

Okay, don’t do this to me…..don’t give me hope.  You heart-stabbing bastards!  Sens score a shorty to make it 3-2; 7:00-ish left in the game.  Oh boy!  Alfie ties it a minute later.  NOW WHAT????  Uhhh…a Volchenkov goal from 58 feet?  I’m sure I’ll wake up soon enough.  Maybe in time for a slapper from Alfie; 5-3 Sens. 

Welcome to the world of the Ottawa Senators and their fans.  This post is pretty much symbolic of the rollercoaster ride that we’ve been on.  6-3 final and in fairness, I barely noticed Magoo at all.


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