Lee’s Hangover

Brian Lee turned 21 yesterday.   I wonder if Murray considered that before announcing he’d be in the lineup today. 

We’re 3 minutes into the game and it’s clear that the Senators are going through the motions.  Do they have to get down by 2 goals before deciding to show up?  Gawd, this team pisses me off sometimes.  Luckily, the Sabres look a little deflated.    Lindy (do you think he can dance) Ruff described their last loss to the Senators as “devastating”.  Perhaps the team is feeling they’re out of it.  They probably are, but they shouldn’t feel that way until they lose this one.  If you take your cues from the coach, the Buffalos are probably mailing it in.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that way as The Pimple takes a Vermette turnover and eventually cashes Antoine’s personal check to tie it up. Spezza had scored on a semi-break just a minute earlier and then a minute after The Puss scores, Hecht gets one. 

This team (the Senators) has rocks in its collective head.  I have no idea what it’s going to take to get this team to show some urgency.  There’s just no focus from most of the guys.  And, it isn’t like the Buffalos are playing lights out hockey.  I completely understand that you don’t turn around 4 months worth of ingrained bad habits, in a week but just some g-ddamn effort would make me moist.

On to period two

Oh, did I mention that Dany Heatley has been a ghost tonight?  Alfie is hurting….he’s clearly not himself.  I hope the same is true with Heatley (sorta) because anyone this non-existent should have an excuse. 

Fisher gets his 3rd goal in 52 games to tie it up.   I would call it a bad goal for Miller, but it was on the backhand for Fisher and it’s always a bit more difficult for a goalie to pick up where the puck is headed off the backhand. 

The second period didn’t have me craving a trip to the medicine cabinet, but there’s still not a ton of urgency for the Senators….let’s see what the third period holds.

The effort in the third period has been better and it’s been a helluva lot better than my effort on this post.  We go to a shoot out.  Lots has happened  since we last spoke, but I had company stop by so suffice to say, we got one and they got one with 90 seconds left to tie.  The Devils have lost tonight so it would be nice to get the extra point here, but I’m not going to the razor blade drawer if we don’t. 

The Puss Bucket gets the shoot out winner.  If Brian Lee had a hangover, you wouldn’t know it.  He wasn’t as noticeable in this one, but from a defensive standpoint, that’s just fine by me.  Cory Stillman didn’t play the 2nd or 3rd periods; lower body cramp.


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