In this episode of Lost, a whole blogpost wherein someone complains bitterly about the crappy, “homer” game telecast of Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley, disappears from the known universe…..hilarity and drama ensue; subplots involve Gilligan getting trapped in a cave by a giant spider and a bizarre love triangle forming among Ginger, Mary Ann and the Skipper. 

I’m bitterly disappointed with the Senators today.  Bryan Murray is on record assuring The Sens Army that this team will be ready for the post season.  I wish there was a modicum of evidence to support this claim.  Here’s the stark reality:

The Senators are in no better place than 12 other teams that hope to win a Stanley Cup.  The Senators do not have designs on a Cup; they do not have their sights set on a Cup; the do not have the inside track to a Cup.  They will be in the playoffs, so technically, there is a chance for a Cup.  But, that chance is so miniscule that it’s not worth talking about.  Welcome to Writeoffsville, population:  Senators.    

Random Thoughts 

Anyone who thinks Cody Bass will be suspended for his hit on Mark Stuart (as suggested by the morons at NESN), should go rent themselves some hockey sense.  I’m willing to bet $100 he won’t be suspended.  The NESN folks are trying to corner the market on over-reaction.  I guess losing your best player to injury for most of a season has the unintended effect of sucking the brains out of the collective Bruins Nation. 

I don’t think I’ll be mistaking Jesse Winchester for Marian Hossa in the number 18 sweater….just sayin’.

And, just to show that the Leaf’s Nation doesn’t have exclusive rights to unrealistic expectations; I’m really hoping the Buffalos continue their cheapass ways and let Ryan Miller walk (nay, run) to the Senators via free agency in 15 months. 


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