The Joys of Bloggin’

So, the 13% of you out there who don’t have a blog, may not be aware that most, if not all, blogsites have a page that gives us blogstats. 

Blogstats tell us such things as; how many people are reading our blog each day, other pages from where we’ve been accessed (for instance, I get many readers from Five for Smiting), and web searches that have resulted in views of our pages:  for instance, I had someone access my page when doing a search on “Jesse Winchester jersey number”.  Oh, and I also had someone access my page from a search on “Ray Emery nigger”……just the classy readership I’m trying to attract.  Whoever you are, please go away!!



One Response to “The Joys of Bloggin’”

  1. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    Nice. Betcha that came in as “Anonymous”, right?

    If I may… Hey, asshole! Do your knuckles chafe while trying to punch the keyboard like that?

    While a good argument for moderated comments, the best defence is a good offence Free, so just keep exposing them and they’ll run from the light like the cockroaches they are.

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