I really wasn’t going to blog about this game.  I just wanted to watch it as a fan and (hopefully) enjoy it.  However, circumstances are preventing me from silence….much to your chagrine, I’m sure. 

First of all, the Senators are up 2-1, so that’s a yummy breath of lilac-y freshness.  However, this is the reason I’m here:

Daniel Alfredsson gets cleaned out by Mark Bell with a fairly vicious shot.  Alfie was skating over the blue line from the outside in….the proverbial, “coming across the ice”.  Bell catches him from the blindside after Alfie gets rid of the puck.  He catches Alfie in the head.   He catches him in the head with a shoulder.  After he catches Alfie in the head with a shoulder, Bell extends his arm so it looks a bit “elbowish”.  Alfie goes down in a heap.  (he has since come back into the game, but seems more like a smurf than a hockey player…..maybe Ziggy-ishFurther Update:  Alfredsson took one shift in the 2nd period but will not play again tonight.  If you can’t say “kun-kush-shun”, you should probably learn to do that)

Here is my point:  I don’t really want to hear Senators fans complaining about this hit; calling for a Bell suspension and the like, unless they are equally prepared to condemn Chris Neil for his hit on Drury and more recently, the hit on Jeremy Reich (Boston).  It was the same hit.  They’re not exactly the same, since that’s not really possible, but both hits are legal in the rule book and they’re very similar.  If you want to bitch about something, bitch about the rule book.  (I’m sure the TSN “Your Call” section will have plenty of inanity on this subject; I should probably just stay away…..but…..how…..can….I?….must…..read…..Your……Call)

Since I’ve sorta dragged him over a dead skunk lately, I guess I should mention that Dany Heatley is definitely playing in this game.  He has a goal, he’s taking the body, he’s talking shit to Darcy “I’ll fight Patty Eaves” Tucker. 

I just found myself yelling at my TV, “PUNCH HIM….JUST F’N PUNCH HIM”, as Donovan and McCabe were squared off.   I guess I’m into this one. 

3-1 Senators as Bass scores on a shorty…yes, Cody Bass with a shorthanded goal.  That’s three straight years the Senators have had the most shorthanded goals in the league:  at least we have that

Vermette has scored twice since we last jawed.  We’re going to win this one, but here’s the problem:  Alfie and Fisher are both out of this game with injuries and Volchenkov went down hard after taking a puck somewhere on his posterior.  I’m sure A-Train is one big bruise at this point in the season and I suspect he’ll be back in the third period, but sheesh; as if we weren’t in for a crowbar up the ass in the playoffs anyway.    We may win this particular battle, but the war is going to the Nazis.  Oof!

By the way, this win tonight really oughta be enough to get us in the playoffs.  I know there has been much wringing of hands over the possibility that the Senators wouldn’t make the playoffs, but I’ve been maintaining since before the Habs game that they just needed to win one more game to stake their place.  I make no predictions about their chances once they get there.  I’m just happy we won tonight and happy that Blair finally got to see the Senators live and winning in Toronto.


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