Taking off my Senators Hat for a Minute

Since I like to do this sort of thing, I’m going to do this sort of thing.  Here are my predictions for the playoffs.  It’s not round by round, but you’ll get what you need out of it.

Here’s my dilemma in picking a winner.  I think the West has better teams, but they have a BUNCH of better teams.  Detroit, Anaheim, San Jose and Calgary are legitimate contenders.  One of San Jose and Calgary are going to be done after the first round.  Whoever comes out of the west is going to have been through a minimum of 2 rounds of sheer hell.  I’m not sure how much of that team is going to be left. 


I question the toughness of Detroit (sorry Keith) and to a lesser extent, the Sharks, so I lean towards Ducks or Flames (if they can make it out of the first round) coming out of the West.  If a pile of wreckage comes out of the west, I like the Rangers’ chances.


So, with that in mind:


The Rangers, Ducks, and Habs are locks to win their first round matchups.  Rangers were 7-1 against the Devils and the Habs swept all 8 games against the Bruins this year.  The Ducks play the Stars who will be without Zubov and the Stars were completely awful down the stretch (even worse than the Senators).


The rest of the East:

The Caps are on quite a roll, but how much did they spend just getting into the playoffs.  This is a tough one to call and I’m going with Philly just based on the fact that they have more players who have playoff experience.  I’ll actually be disappointed if I’m right as Ovechkin is just such a treat to watch.


Unless the Senators have been playing rope-a-dope with the rest of the league for the past 4 months, or they can turn it around on a dime, they are probably going down to the Penguins. 



The rest of the west:


Detroit is a clear favorite over the Preds….oops, wait hold on;  The Preds were 3-3-2 against the Wings this year and they have the hottest goalie in the NHL right now.  I still think the Wings survive but it should be a good series. (I bet on the Preds just because the line was so out of whack given the circumstances described above).


The Wild are going to have their hands full.  The Avs are 8-1 in games that Forsberg has played this year.  So, the obvious strategy is to go out and hurt Peter Forsberg (which is cowardly).  I think this goes 7 games and I have to believe the crowd (of which I’ll be one) will carry the Wild to victory.


Sharks have been the best team in the NHL over the past 20 games.  They’ve been simply unbelievable.  However, I question their toughness and Calgary can run over a team.  This, to me, is the most interesting series to start it off.  I think the Sharks will survive, but the beating they’ll take is going to hurt them down the road.


One Response to “Taking off my Senators Hat for a Minute”

  1. Keith in Jersey Says:

    Re: the Caps/Flys series – while I would enjoy seeing the Flyers get past the Caps, my goal for the Flys, after the horrid showing that was last year, was to make the playoffs. Having a postseason series will do wonders for the young players on the team as well as build a bit more chemistry.

    Should they get to the second round, it will be gravy. If not, it will be a chance to see more of Ovechkin. I have to agree with you – he is a joy to watch.

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