We’ll Start the Injections Tomorrow

I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the game on Tiva until now.  I was at the Wild game, so couldn’t watch most of game one, live.  I saw the first period at the bar without sound; that’s maddening enough.  Add the goal in the first 1:18 or whatever it was and a marshmallowy soft effort by the boys and I really don’t feel the need to punish myself with the 2nd and 3rd until today.  Besides, my friends at The Universal Cynic, Scarlett Ice and Five for Smiting (see:  blogroll) said about all that is really needed, I would guess. 

Same gig for tonight:  I’ll be at the Wild game and since this one isn’t on Versus, I won’t get the chance to watch any of it until midnight at the earliest.  Of course, they post the out of town scoreboard at the X, so I’ll know the outcome before that.  The same rules apply tonight; if it’s 4-0 Penguins, I probably won’t torture myself until at least tomorrow and at that point, I’ll probably be emptying the medicine cabinet into a tumbler of gin. 

Here’s hoping for a little effort…and a helmet that will fit the A-Train’s coconut….and a healthy scratch of Randy Robitaille…oh, and from what I understand, a body cast for Gary Roberts. (that’s mostly metaphor)

P.S.  Whoever did a search on “did Dany Heatley buy a house in Kelowna”…that was Redden.



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