Now I’m Pissed

I don’t know that I’ve been this upset in a long time.  You might be expecting a scathing critique of Jason Spezza or a blistering attack on the plastic cones (aka: numbers 14 and 6) but no…..on Friday, I heard that there were still 1000 seats available to game one at the Bank.  Today, I go on Capital Tickets and do a search for two seats; I get lower bowl at the blue line.  This attack is aimed squarely at you, Sens Nation.   

WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!?????  And I thought the play of Heatley and Spezza was going to make me sick to my stomach.  This is just plain jackassery by the so-called Sens Army.  “”We better not risk another frontal assault, that Penguin’s dynamite.  Would it help to confuse them if we run away more?”  Yup, that’s our Sens Army alright!!

It would seem that the Ottawa region has officially given up.  I’ll be the first to admit that the play of the Senators has been anything but inspiring, but to give up before we’ve even had a home date?  Putrescence!!!,  I really don’t understand why there isn’t a full building.  Playoff hockey is reason enough in and of itself to go to the game. 

Get your goddamn ass out of your basement and fill up the Bank, you jackasses!!

(disclaimer:  those with tickets already (obviously) and the impoverished are inoculated from this attack)


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