It’s Not Dire Until You Lose a HOME Game!!

I don’t have a clever lead-in.  I don’t have an angry tirade.  I don’t have anything but hope and a 12 pack at the ready.  We’re 20 minutes from puck drop.  Here’s hoping that every single bad habit, bad play, bad player and bad hairdoo are just a bad memory for the rest of the way.   Let’s hope if we go down, we go down with our best foot, knee, elbow and wicked wristers forward.  I’m off to make popcorn.  Back in a bit.

Oh my heavens, the pre-game fan frenzy whip up strategy was about the lamest thing I’ve seen in a really long time and quite embarrassing.  They had a guy dressed up in Roman centurian garb, speaking in some made-up accent, telling the fans what they damn well better already know; that they need to be a factor in this game.

Perhaps in an effort to get both of them going, Vermette is playing with Heater along with Stillman.  So, I’m going to assume that means the Brothers Gimp are on a line together with Foglino or maybe McAmmond.  We’ll see if it lasts.

My earlier report that Nikulin would be in the lineup, was erroneous.  Must be that nasty bump on my head from falling out of bed.

Here we go: Period 1

It looks like Max Talbot is the Randy Robitaille of the Penguins…”Let’s see….you can either play with Hossa and Crosby, or…….about….Laraque and Adam Hall.

Spezza just willingly laid a heavy check on Ruutu.  We may not win this series or even this game, but I like what I see so far.  The energy has been fantastic and the hitting picked up about midway through the period.  I’ll tell you this much; if Mike Foglino had been playing this way all year, he would have never been sent to the minors.

Gerber just made 2 huge saves during a Pens’ power play.  I don’t have the energy or perspective to decide if Gerber is a long-ish term answer for the Senator’s goalie job, but I know he’s been the best player for our team in this series.  Speaking of “best players”, Alfie looks like he’s a $50 bill short of a million bucks.  There’s definitely some will being exerted by the captain and by gawd if the guys can’t feed off that, they may as well be dead and I might help them to get there.

The period ends without a marker, but this is easily the best I’ve seen the Senators play since the last time we beat the Penguins.  The Sens are very quick to the puck and taking away time and space from the Pens at the blue line.  Here’s (more) hoping that the Sens don’t do the usual shit the 2nd period down their legs

On to period 2

As if he read the very sweet things I said about him earlier, Foglino gets us on the board in the first 90 seconds.  But, the lead was short lived as Talbot gets in alone on Gerber and pops it home.  Foglino’s goal seems to have taken the life out of the Senators; go figger!  The Pens have definitely had the better of the play since then, but the defensive pair of Phillips and Commodore look to be changing the feel of things with about 8 minutes left in this period.  Let’s just go ahead and kill off this “good” penalty by Neiler (a cross check on Malkin in front of our net)….what say you, boys?  And now the 2nd penalty on C. Bass???  Whatchoo think????  Please?????  (I’m asking very nicely.) Nice work!

Why is it that we’re just now seeing some spirited play from Shean Donovan?  I’ve been waiting all season for him to consistently take the body.  You’d think he could have found some of that during the regular season.  I guess I should just be happy that he’s bringing it now.  Here’s a good thing…I’m just noticing Petr Sykora for the first time with 6 minutes left in the 2nd period. 

Phillips should have just been given a penalty for covering the puck in the crease which would have meant a penalty shot….we got away with one there. 

The Sens definitely found their legs and their Lost Cojones in the last five minutes of the 2nd period.  1-1 after two…I wish I could say I’m looking forward to the third, but I’m just so freakin’ nervous, I may have to throw up; maybe another beer will help (think about it).

And the puck drops on our season…..ish

as Sidney Crosby skates in and short sides Gerbs about 40 seconds in….and then Spezza doesn’t cover up for Lee who had stepped up at the blue line and some other jerky Penguin scores….Staal or some crap like that, some 60 seconds later.  I’m feeling the season slip away…how about you?  And now Neil takes a bad penalty, so we have to waste two minutes on the PK when we really can’t afford to lose those minutes.  We’re going to have to take a few chances now….fifteen minutes to go. 

Uhhhh….penalties are not chances, guys.  We get a power play and take two penalties while we’re on the man advantage….just f’n awesome!  I thought these guys were playoff vets.  I thought that was the one advantage we might still have in all of this.  That we would be mentally tougher based on what we went through over….oh…say….the last 11 years.   That was more like a bunch of juniors, you weak knee’d mental midgets!  Just awful!!!!!

It’s 4-1 Pens…I think I’m done with this post.  I can’t be any good to anyone the rest of the way….if I ever was.  Here’s a round of applause to Alfie for sackin’ up.  Here’s a round of applause for Wade Redden (I’m serious) for 9 good years of service (yes, I’m well aware he played 11 years in Ottawa).  Here’s a hearty HUZZAH to Ray Emery for giving me a focal point for my frustration (I really hope you find a good use for your energy, Ray.  I hope you pull a Cris Carter and show everyone that you’re not just a loser with a huge attitude.  I hope so….for your sake).  And, not at all insignificant is a HUGE plea to Cory Stillman to not judge this team by the crap experience you’ve had in your short tenure thus far.  Give us a year to show you….please!

Coming soon:  my Calgary Flames blog. (hurting!)

PS  please check back on Wednesday when I’m sure I’ll have thought of some reason we’ll be winning the Cup in 7 weeks.

PPS  In the I don’t believe in destiny category, our friend Scarlett, at Scarlett Ice has had a “don’t make Bunny cry” thing going.  But, this is what has happened here in Minnesota.  My dog, Hossa (yup, I have a dog named Hossa) killed a rabbit in my yard yesterday… was a baby bunny; maybe 2 days old.  It’s just a little too much.


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