Random and Annoying Stupid Shit

Is being the best player on the opposing team really enough of a reason to justify booing by the home town crowd every time he touches the puck?  I doubt it has any effect on the player and what is the point?  Booing someone simply because they’re good??  I don’t get it.  It’s embarrassing!!

If I have to read one more article that starts out “after the Senators started off 15-2….”, I’m going to get out my stock pot and make some cream of beat writer soup.  Oh, and another gem that often follows the other quote, “….many were comparing the Senators to the ’77 Habs who lost only 8 games on the season”.  Uhhhh…..noooooooooo; a few people in the media were trying to get the rest of us to make that leap at the time.  I didn’t hear/see that comparison from even one right minded person. 

The Versus coverage tonight gives me hope that they actually have a few hockey fans making decisions somewhere in the chain of command.   They could have shown a game 6 between two large market US based teams (Philly and Washington) with arguably the best player in the game.  But no, they are showing game 7 of the Boston/Montreal matchup.   Honestly, I was fully expecting Philly Versus Ovechkin.  Good on them!!!  I really just wish one of the games had started at 7:30 eastern so I could have caught the better part of both games, but that’s hardly the fault of Versus (and a touch whiney on my part).

For the first time ever, I saw Carey Price seriously out of position as a Bruin Dman is winding up for a slapper from the point.  The shot wasn’t on net.  Granted I don’t watch all of the Hab games, but he was in Laval on that one.  A minute or so later, Mark Streit makes it 2-0 on a very pretty play.  That’s the way it goes.  (I was about to add “sometimes”, but it’s really the way it goes quite often.)


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