Pointless (and probably useless) Stuff

Marty Biron has creepy exorcist kid eyes.  You’d think he’d be a better net minder.

Sidney Crosby should probably hold off on the playoff beard tradition until he can do it some justice. 

I almost feel like I’ve missed this playoff year.  I saw the whole first round, but was in Great Britain for much of the 2nd round.   I’m just starting to get back into the flow.  Let me just be the first one to kill myself if the Stars win the Cup.  A team of 2nd line players (save Brad Richards) have no business winning two rounds.  But I guess that’s just a fine contrast to the Senators this year, now isn’t it!

In Senators news; the quest for a new coach is gearing up.  Bob Hartley (no thank you), Pat Quinn (no thank you), Pat Burns (I’m intrigued), Joel Quenneville (I’m intrigued but wonder why the Avs are willing to let him go) and then some coaches in the minors and juniors of whom I know little, seem to be the top prospects.  If you’ve heard that Murray may do both the GM and coaching jobs, forget it.  No one should be doing that in today’s NHL.  I don’t care who you are; you’re doing the team a disservice if you think you can pull it off.


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