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Andrej the Giant (Un-f’n-believable Ego)

August 24, 2008

How about a big freakin’ cup of reality for the Andrej Meszaros camp. 

If you can believe what you read in the Ottawa Sun, and given the Brennan articles suggesting a Vermette three way (easy ladies) trade, I’m not sure you can, Andrej Meszaros and/or his agent have turned down a long term deal in the area of $3.5 million/season and wants something in the neighborhood of the $4.5 million Shea Weber received.  This would make Meszaros the highest paid defenseman on the Senator’s team.  That alone should give anyone who’s paying attention, quite a pause, but the comparisons to Shea Weber are baffling.  They are nowhere near the same types of players.  Shea Weber is going to be a superstar in the league.  Meszaros has the potential to be very good, but he is not the complete package Weber will be.  Meszaros doesn’t have the shot of Weber, he doesn’t have Weber’s defensive instincts, and he certainly doesn’t have the snarl Weber has.  

I’m sure Gerry Johannsen (the agent for Mr. Meszaros) feels he has the Senators over a barrel given the shortage of offensive blue liners on the club and that is the angle from which he is bargaining.  But, anyone watching closely the last 2 seasons will remember defensive gaffs the likes which make us mostly forgive Joe Corvo.  (Speaking of Corvo, any of you who shat upon him before and during his departure think the Senators could really use him now?)

Here is a list of defensemen making $4.5 million or less who I feel have similar or superior offensive skills and most, I would argue, have superior defensive skills to Meszaros.  

Francois Beauchemin           $1.625 million
Craig Rivet                           $3.5
Joni Pitkanen                        $4
Joe Corvo                             $2.625
Adrian Aucoin                      $4
Brent Seabrook                     $3.5
Duncan Keith                        $1.475
John Michael Liles                 $4.2
Brett Clark                            $3.5
Phillipe Boucher                    $2.5
Niklas Kronwal                      $3
Jay Bowmeester                     $4.875 (over $4.5 obviously; close enough to make the comparison laughable)
Brent Burns                            $3.55
Ryan Suter                             $3.5
Paul Martin                            $3.833
Mark Streit                             $4.1
Ryan Whitney                         $4
Christian Ehrhoff                   $3.1
Matt Carles                            $3.483
Tomas Kaberle                       $4.25
Kevin Bieksa                           $3.75
Sami Salo                               $3.5
Matthias Ohlund                    $3.5

And, there are many other defensive defenseman making less than $4.5 million who are more valuable to their teams than Meszaros including 2 on the Senators. 

For the record, I don’t even think Meszaros is worthy of $3.5 million right now, but I do believe that he will develop his defensive game enough to be worth of that number.  He’s only 22 years old, so there is a lot of room for him to take his game to another level. 

So, Mr. Meszaros, get off your Hossa-esque, me-first ego trip and accept the very reasonable offer the Senators have in front of you………..unless, of course, you don’t care about staying with the Senators then get your moving company on speed dial.