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Praise Jebus!

October 30, 2008

Alfie signed today for 4 years and $22 million.  Very VERY reasonable.   What a great guy and a fantastic leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so that’s my initial reaction.  He IS going to be 40 when this contract expires.  He will certainly be overpaid at that time, but this contract also acknowledges that he was underpaid for the past 4 years.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t get hit by a bus.  This contract will count against the cap whether he plays another game or not.

I’m at the Wild game tonight, but MAY try to catch the game on Tiva after I get home.


Rumours: Don’t Believe a Damn Thing Eklund Says

October 30, 2008

The guy is a joke.  Not a ‘ha ha’ joke, but a pitiful one.  Spezza gone so they can bring in Khabibulin??  Makes zero sense at all….do I need to ‘splain it to you?  I does??  Spezza = great/young/signed for 6 years.  Khabibulin = good/old/signed for 7 months. 

If you want a real rumour (that’s based on nothing whatsoever), how about Spezza for Brian Campbell!  What you tink ‘o dat?  There’s a rumour!l…..or, Spezza, Fisher and Picard for Harvey, Lalonde and Geoffrion??  Talk amongst yourselves.  

Here’s Eklund’s gig:  throw a lotta shit at the wall…10% sticks; it all stinks.  The MSM complains about bloggers; they should be complaining about this guy.  He’s completely unchecked and yet he gets the time of day from some of the MSM and he’s just fulla shit.  It’s baffling.

Neiler Stirring the Pot

October 28, 2008

From the Ottawa Sun

There was an incident in the hallway near the end of the game. Buffalo’s Adam Mair, who had been booted out, marched down the hallway screaming for Chris Neil and had to be restrained. Senators winger Jarrko Ruutu chirped back, but Mair returned to his dressing room because Neil was still on the ice.

I remember Neil skating by Mair and Mair immediately turning to go after Neil.  I thought it strange at the time because Neil barely touched Mair.  Is it possible Neil has a bit of Sean Avery in him?  I know guys chirp all the time, but Mair’s reaction and subsequent actions suggest Neil said something more than “you’re a pussy”. 

In any event, this matchup just got a bit hotter!

Power Plays:  One thing I meant to mention last night, was just the stark difference in how easy it was for the Sabres to get set up on the power play and how much difficulty the Senators had with the same task.

5 Goals, 2 Points and Patrick Kaleta is a Gutless Puke

October 28, 2008

Don’t Bury the Lead:  Kaleta runs around like an idiot all night and then when it comes time to answer the bell, he backs down to Chris Neil.  And then on the SAME SHIFT, runs up the back of Jarkko Ruutu, who promptly put him on his ass, which is to say, on his head.  Kaleta fully acknowledges that he turtles more than he fights and that he won’t fight when it serves the other teams purposes.  Well, you’re down 5-1 when Neil talked to you on the face off.  That might serve your team’s purpose, don’t you think, you pile of excrement!

The Puck Drops Here:  The game tonight is on the NHL Network which surprises me a bit.  I know there isn’t a wide audience on the NHL Network but they’re going up against the Versus telecast.  That ain’t friendly, and it’s an odd move for the NHL to steal share from a partner like that!  I’m happy about it because I get to hear Billy Clement “hands of cement” do the analysis which is what he’s best suited to doing. 

Spezza Me Impressed:  7 minutes into the game, I said to myself, “if they play this way for 60 and lose, I can live with that.”  However, I don’t think they’ll lose if they keep this up.  I’ve been waiting for this start since I turned on the TV back in the first week of October.  Spezza looks like he gives a shit, which is a nice touch.  I guess that’s not completely fair; Spezza has had decent effort this year and he’s been playing progressively smarter.  You don’t see nearly as much of him trying to skate through 3 guys anymore.  There’s still the odd blind pass, but it’s typically from behind the net and nothing you don’t see 5 times a night in any NHL game.  (addendum: in the third period Jason had a terrible giveaway on the blue line.  The Senators were up 5-0 at the time, but you still hate to see it creep back in and Giggles sure looked good for the majority of the night.  His postgame interview was a hoot; he couldn’t stop giggling)

It’s That Time of the Month:  We’re going to see blood in this one.   Neil just put a shoulder into Peters but they’re at the end of a shift and then Afinogenov takes a hard slapper after the whistle (and gets a penalty for it, which I haven’t seen in awhile…maybe not ever, now that I think about it) and an ass pounding from Jason Smith.  For the Senator’s players, I suspect this rivalry is bigger than the Sens/Leafs now.  I’m quite sure the Sabres feel that way after the Neil/Drury incident and the ensuing anarchy.   I’m sure Sens fans will never get there.   But there’s ugly on the ice when these teams meet.

Get the Puck Out:  Bill Clement mentioned that the Sens have had trouble getting the puck out of the zone this year (newsflash); saying they panic with the puck in their zone and then showed a replay of them working it up the wall and chipping it out from tonight’s game.  I submit to you: it’s not about getting the puck out of the zone.  It’s about getting it out with control.  The game is all about puck control.  With the defensemen having their nuts cut off by the referees, the best defense is a good offense and that means having the puck.  Here’s an example of what’s been plaguing the Senators.  Chris Neil gets the puck in the corner of our zone with plenty of time to turn and take a look for a teammate, but instead continues to face the wall and waits for a hit before moving the puck along the wall and hopes one of our guys to get it.  That’s the crap in our zone that drives me crazy.

I Never Say That and I Don’t Like People Who Do:  I’m not an I told you so kinda guy and it’s only one game….but I FUCKIN’ TOLD YOU SO.  Vermette looked good on a line with Spezza and Heatley and he had a sweet feed to Spezz for a breakaway goal.  We’ll see if it lasts.

Ride ’em, Cowboy (or something):  This was a good win against a hot team.  The Sabres managed to score only on a 5 on 2 1/2 (Fish was without a stick) and a late 5 on 4.  I would say the defense was good, but it was more a function of the Senators creating pressure that kept the puck out of their end for much of the night.  But still, there wasn’t as much running around in our end, which was a positive I’ve been looking to see for awhile now.  The Senators now head to Melnyk’s ranch tomorrow before getting ready for their game against the Panthers on Thursday.  Might have been a touch uncomfy walking into Gene’s place riding a 5 game loser streak.  This feels better!

Oh Boy! This is Just Getting Embarrassing

October 27, 2008

And the game hasn’t even started yet.  The Senators will face a backup goalie for the 3rd of the last 4 games.  Tonight, it’s our old friend, Patty Lalime.  Maybe his back is still sore from sleeping on the couch. 

Is this just coincidence or is it really that bad for the Senators that they are now disrespected by the league?  It would sure seem so; at least until (if?) they turn this bus around.

You know I’m getting desperate when I pull out the old “maybe a road trip is exactly what this team needs”.  Oy vey!!!

HALLELIUAH (or however you spell it).  Vermette gets a shot to skate with Spezza and Heatley.  Please don’t make an ass of me, Antoine.  Fisher, Alfie and Foligno are the second line.  AND don’t just give them 2 periods together either; 5 – 10 games should do it.

Waterboarding Would Be A Welcomed Friend

October 26, 2008

Owie  Well, that was pure torture.  This is going to be short.  Going into the game, I was thinking I would take a night off from the blog and just “enjoy” the game.  So much for that crap.  Besides, in this match up, I feel I have to sack up and at least say something.  Conventional wisdom says the team that played the night before will have good hop in the first period.  So much for that crap!  It’s the first time I’ve seen Jason Smith look bad on the defensive end as the Leafs scored.  That was the sure sign that we were screwed.   

The highlight of the night was Neil beating up Luke Schenn.  Points to the kid for jumping into the fray I guess, but he’s not going to win any spelling bees I suspect. 

Sens lose to a collection of pee wees.  Some will be asking hard questions of this group.  Others will ask stupid questions.  I’ll be documenting those here tomorrow.

In Coach’s Corner, they mentioned Don Cherry’s book, Hockey Stories.  I might actually be interested in reading it if it wasn’t co-written with Al Strachan.  A fan of douche-bag wankers, I am not. 

That’s all I have.  I’m going to enjoy the Flames/Yotes game now.

Because No One Remains Silent

October 25, 2008

The Battle of Ontario resumes tonight.  But I have to say, it has a different feel.  There’s no Tucker, no McCabe, no Domi, no Belak, no Sundin (even though I never outright hated him).  Who is there left on the Leafs we can rally around hating?  Jason Blake is a cheap ass little f*)&, but is that enough?  The man has cancer afterall. 

Here’s hoping a new target presents itself tonight.  Oh, and we damn well better beat these assholes.

Oh, and Brian Elliott has been called up from Bingo; supposedly because Gerber stepped on a baby food jar and pulled a muscle.  He’s the back up tonight and while I’d like to see him play again, I think that would be bad.

The Bitch is Back!

October 25, 2008


It’s the last game of a home stand on which the Senators have been shite.  They’re playing a struggling team (sure, the Ducks beat the Leafs, so what?), and are again, facing a back up goalie.  What’s worse? your team making huge mistakes, not showing effort and losing or showing up, playing a solid game and losing anyway? 

Express Your Inner Bitch:  One thing I wanted to see tonight was someone blasting Ryan Getzlaf; I don’t want anything dirty, just a good clean, hard check.  I don’t even dislike Ryan Getzlaf, but he gets entirely too comfy because people seem to shy away from him.   

Ok, Alfie running Pronger into the boards is a fine proxy.  And, that hit wasn’t entirely clean either.  I think I’m closer to being Canadian having enjoyed seeing Pronger run into the boards on a questionable hit.  If I ever start defending Bertuzzi, you know I’m there.  

More Bitch:  I am so conflicted on Jarkko Ruutu I can hardly sleep with myself; I feel so dirty.  There’s no doubt that he’s helped this team and so far, he’s been very smart about it. One thing I’ve noticed he does is he will take one hand off his stick and rapid slap an opposing player on the hands.  Ouch! and what a dick! no penalties for that as of yet.

I Want to Deliver Your Pizza:  Please shave your mustache, Alex Picard .  And by the way, ass awful positioning on the first goal against the Sens. 

Puft Daddy:  Filip Kuba roughed up a guy on the wall.  The Sta-puft Marshmallow Man strikes!  I suspect it won’t last.  However, trying to live up to his new image, later on in the game, he ass checked a guy into the boards…unfortunately the puck is not in sight and he takes an obstruction penalty for his efforts.  Far be it for me to suggest anyone lay off the rough stuff but maybe work on it in practice a few thousand times and not use the regular season games as your petrie dish.  I’ve taught Hossa (my dog) a few things lately and he’s 9 years old, so maybe Kuba can get there, but for Chrissakes, don’t let Brennan goad you into making mistakes by doing something that you can’t do.

Sigh:   7 minutes into the second period and the Pizza line is back together at even strength.  You know what?  I’m willing to lose the next five games if it means the Sens develop chemistry for two lines in the process.  I honestly don’t believe this is a one line team.  I think we have just not been patient enough to find the right combinations that will work. 

Laconic Observation:  I really enjoy the hometown announcers; Dean Brown and Garry Galley.  I think they do a nice job of being mostly objective, giving good insight and just calling a game.  However, Dean really needs to stop with this: “shot tipped and it’s just low”  You cannot miss the net on the low side.  I know, it’s a pissy critique….I’m just sayin’.

Slap it, Bitch:  For some time, I’ve been thinking that the Senators should put Alfie back on the point of the power play.  We’re all up in arms about a puck moving power play quarterback (we are, aren’t we?) and yet we have someone perfectly suited to the job toiling away on the half boards/down low/net center/somewheres else.  Quit messin’ about and put him where he’s been so effective for 10 years.

Wrap it Bitch!  It’s a different loss.  It felt much more like a team playing together tonight.   Is there a talent deficit on this team?  I’m feeling it for the first time since I’ve been a Senators fan.  Or maybe it’s a chemistry deficit; either way, it amounts to the same in the win/loss columns.  They need to figure out which it is and deal with it in the next month.  Here’s a suggestion; work on the chemistry thing over the next 15 days and go from there.  Pizza is not the answer unless you’re stoned (or lazy).

Auld, not bad, not good….better than Gerber. 

A Little Piece of Us Died

October 24, 2008

And it made us angry.

It seems that many of us grabbed our shovels at the same time.  I just wanted to dig a hole with mine; others wanted to beat Marty Gerber with theirs.  PC load letter?  What the fuck does that mean??  Let’s beat Marty Gerber to a pulp.

You know what bothers me?  I’ve heard some people talking about what great forward depth the Senators have, but is it really depth if they’re all annoyingly mediocre?  Dean McAmmond hasn’t been the same since he took the hit.  Shean Donovan has never been the same and it goes on and on…Schubert, Neil..blah blah blah. 

Am I worried that the Senators will be just the tonic for Anaheim’s gin tonight?  YoubetchersweetassesIam.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this…..please save us, Alex Auld.  (just rip my nuts off now)

Oh heavens…I just read my post, meow again.  That is one poorly written piece of shit.  I guess the Mexican beer caught up with me.


October 23, 2008

Should be all systems go tonight; Sens coming off a bad loss and the coach ripped them a new one so they should have good energy, they’re up against a back up goalie and Florida is just not good.  So, what happens…..

…..the first period is the worst display of taking care of the puck I’ve seen by this team EVER with two ending up behind Gerber….and none of it was Spezza’s fault; go figger!  Really, it’s all my fault; I’m drinking Mexican beer instead of my standby Molson Canadian.  I’m Sean Avery-ing the game.  I’ll switch it up for the second period.  We’re down 2-0, and it’s doesn’t even feel like it’s that close.  Alfie gets a power play goal wiped away when he tipped it with a high stick.  No controversy at all on that one.  It was clearly no goal. 

Gerber didn’t even move on the 2nd goal.  Horton ripped one from a bad angle and Gerber was a poster.  My leash on him is about 2 feet long right now.  Do you think Patty Lalime would come back?  One thing I’ve noticed tonight about Gerber’s game and thinking back to some of his other “what the F” moments, he’s is too intent on “stopping pucks”.  He’s trying to stop pucks that are going two feet wide and then he gets way out of position.   He’s not playing goal; he’s reacting to pucks.

Gerber is not going to be able to turn this around; there….I said it.  I give up on Marty Gerber.  Sorry Marty; I’ve given you every chance and even a few you didn’t deserve.  Darth Gerber is dead.  Cut off his hand and throw him on the pyre.  I am officially on the hunt for a new goalie.  I hear Brian Elliott is doing good things in Bingo.  I’m not giving up, but maybe Elliott gives us the best chance to win……maybe?  It’s possible, yeah??  His GAA in the NHL is 1.00…that’s pretty good, right?

The Senators are picking up the play a bit in the 2nd and they get a goal back.  The hits are starting to pick up about half way through the 2nd….uhhh…a LOT.   I counted five on the last shift alone.  That’s just fun to watch. (excited) And then Florida scores (deflated).

The Senators are dominating the 3rd period.  Part of it is they have the hop and I suspect the other part is the Panthers are just shutting it down and trying to hold on. 

I just yelled at my screen “get the puck, dumb ass”. There is a loose puck and Vermette is staring at a gaping net.  Somehow, Craig “Vezina” Anderson gets over for the stop.  Heatley had a open net earlier if he had just lifted the puck.  I can’t bear this constant pressure with no release.  It’s enough to turn a guy to a life of serial killing….or maybe stepping on bugs…. or feeding flies to spiders…mice to snakes…..or something like that.

Sens lose.  Just looked at the shot clock.  Shots in the third period for the Sens? (you people just keeping asking the right questions)  26…not for the game but for the 3rd period.  Heysus!

I’m tired, people….I’m just tired; not from lack of sleep, but of trying to figure out this team.  Earn your money Herr Hartsburgh (and maybe you too, Earl of Bryan).  I’m not getting paid for this.