Time To Change My Shorts

I shit my pants when I found out Herr Gerber was starting against the Bruins tonight.  After facing 37 shots last night, I was sure he would get a night off.  This is a clear attempt by the Sens brass to give the Square Dancer a shot of ego boost.  I fear it will backfire on us tonight.  Please Allah, let me be wrong!

I was eating chicken wings and swilling beers at a local establishment getting ready for the Ben Folds show and couldn’t pay proper attention to the goings on, but I liked what I saw form about half the game.  I’ll do a better job tonight, I promise.


One Response to “Time To Change My Shorts”

  1. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    Um…don’t want to ruin it for you Al…but… On the upside, Pastry wasn’t the problem! So that’s something. I guess. God I hate this game sometimes.

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