I’m Going to Rant! Prepare Yourself!!


Antoine Vermette skates really fast.  Antoine Vermette has some nice hands.  Antoine Vermette doesn’t get as many points as anyone would like (him included, I’m sure).  Antoine Vermette is forever mired on the 3rd line.  Antoine Vermette is being paid like a 2nd line player ($2.75 million)

Why do I bring this up? (you keep asking such good questions)  Because the most recent line shakeup would seem to be the perfect opportunity to get him some ice time with the big boys to see what he can do.  I’ve been scratching my head over his lack of opportunities for the past 2 years.  I just don’t get it. 

I’m going to bottom line it for you.  Give Vermette a shot to play with Heatley and Spezza, or even just Spezza and Foglino or Spezza and Winchester or Heatley and Alfie, for a stretch of 10 games and see what happens.  Do that, or trade his ass.  Every time a Sens trade rumour goes around, the other team is interested in Vermette.  He has market value, so get a decent puck mover for the defensive corps.  (Throw Shean Donovan in the trade and bring up Cody Bass while you’re at it).  Antoine Vermette is being paid too much to just be a 3rd line/penalty killing guy. 


Marian Gaborik is as good as gone from the Minnesota Wild.  He doesn’t want to be here and that is very clear.  He’s been offered $8.5 million for 7 years and turned it down.  He’s not worth that much.  That’s Crosby/Malkin money and more than Heater, Iginla and Thornton.  He’s very talented and someone will pay him that much, but he’s injury prone and a whiney wanker.  I would pay him Spezza money and that’s it, but that’s also less than he’s making now. 

The Wild are right to trade him for whatever they can get and they will get a lot.  The Hossa deadline deal is the bar and they should be able to hop over it given that the other team would get Gaborik for almost a whole season.


Martin Gerber in the net against the Panthers tomorrow.  I don’t do this often, but I’m going to predict a 5-1 Senators win.


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