Should be all systems go tonight; Sens coming off a bad loss and the coach ripped them a new one so they should have good energy, they’re up against a back up goalie and Florida is just not good.  So, what happens…..

…..the first period is the worst display of taking care of the puck I’ve seen by this team EVER with two ending up behind Gerber….and none of it was Spezza’s fault; go figger!  Really, it’s all my fault; I’m drinking Mexican beer instead of my standby Molson Canadian.  I’m Sean Avery-ing the game.  I’ll switch it up for the second period.  We’re down 2-0, and it’s doesn’t even feel like it’s that close.  Alfie gets a power play goal wiped away when he tipped it with a high stick.  No controversy at all on that one.  It was clearly no goal. 

Gerber didn’t even move on the 2nd goal.  Horton ripped one from a bad angle and Gerber was a poster.  My leash on him is about 2 feet long right now.  Do you think Patty Lalime would come back?  One thing I’ve noticed tonight about Gerber’s game and thinking back to some of his other “what the F” moments, he’s is too intent on “stopping pucks”.  He’s trying to stop pucks that are going two feet wide and then he gets way out of position.   He’s not playing goal; he’s reacting to pucks.

Gerber is not going to be able to turn this around; there….I said it.  I give up on Marty Gerber.  Sorry Marty; I’ve given you every chance and even a few you didn’t deserve.  Darth Gerber is dead.  Cut off his hand and throw him on the pyre.  I am officially on the hunt for a new goalie.  I hear Brian Elliott is doing good things in Bingo.  I’m not giving up, but maybe Elliott gives us the best chance to win……maybe?  It’s possible, yeah??  His GAA in the NHL is 1.00…that’s pretty good, right?

The Senators are picking up the play a bit in the 2nd and they get a goal back.  The hits are starting to pick up about half way through the 2nd….uhhh…a LOT.   I counted five on the last shift alone.  That’s just fun to watch. (excited) And then Florida scores (deflated).

The Senators are dominating the 3rd period.  Part of it is they have the hop and I suspect the other part is the Panthers are just shutting it down and trying to hold on. 

I just yelled at my screen “get the puck, dumb ass”. There is a loose puck and Vermette is staring at a gaping net.  Somehow, Craig “Vezina” Anderson gets over for the stop.  Heatley had a open net earlier if he had just lifted the puck.  I can’t bear this constant pressure with no release.  It’s enough to turn a guy to a life of serial killing….or maybe stepping on bugs…. or feeding flies to spiders…mice to snakes…..or something like that.

Sens lose.  Just looked at the shot clock.  Shots in the third period for the Sens? (you people just keeping asking the right questions)  26…not for the game but for the 3rd period.  Heysus!

I’m tired, people….I’m just tired; not from lack of sleep, but of trying to figure out this team.  Earn your money Herr Hartsburgh (and maybe you too, Earl of Bryan).  I’m not getting paid for this.


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