A Little Piece of Us Died

And it made us angry.

It seems that many of us grabbed our shovels at the same time.  I just wanted to dig a hole with mine; others wanted to beat Marty Gerber with theirs.  PC load letter?  What the fuck does that mean??  Let’s beat Marty Gerber to a pulp.

You know what bothers me?  I’ve heard some people talking about what great forward depth the Senators have, but is it really depth if they’re all annoyingly mediocre?  Dean McAmmond hasn’t been the same since he took the hit.  Shean Donovan has never been the same and it goes on and on…Schubert, Neil..blah blah blah. 

Am I worried that the Senators will be just the tonic for Anaheim’s gin tonight?  YoubetchersweetassesIam.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this…..please save us, Alex Auld.  (just rip my nuts off now)

Oh heavens…I just read my post, meow again.  That is one poorly written piece of shit.  I guess the Mexican beer caught up with me.


One Response to “A Little Piece of Us Died”

  1. Meaghan Says:

    It’s interesting that so many people seem to have just had it with Gerber after that game. I guess two of the first three shots is people’s breaking point.

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