The Bitch is Back!


It’s the last game of a home stand on which the Senators have been shite.  They’re playing a struggling team (sure, the Ducks beat the Leafs, so what?), and are again, facing a back up goalie.  What’s worse? your team making huge mistakes, not showing effort and losing or showing up, playing a solid game and losing anyway? 

Express Your Inner Bitch:  One thing I wanted to see tonight was someone blasting Ryan Getzlaf; I don’t want anything dirty, just a good clean, hard check.  I don’t even dislike Ryan Getzlaf, but he gets entirely too comfy because people seem to shy away from him.   

Ok, Alfie running Pronger into the boards is a fine proxy.  And, that hit wasn’t entirely clean either.  I think I’m closer to being Canadian having enjoyed seeing Pronger run into the boards on a questionable hit.  If I ever start defending Bertuzzi, you know I’m there.  

More Bitch:  I am so conflicted on Jarkko Ruutu I can hardly sleep with myself; I feel so dirty.  There’s no doubt that he’s helped this team and so far, he’s been very smart about it. One thing I’ve noticed he does is he will take one hand off his stick and rapid slap an opposing player on the hands.  Ouch! and what a dick! no penalties for that as of yet.

I Want to Deliver Your Pizza:  Please shave your mustache, Alex Picard .  And by the way, ass awful positioning on the first goal against the Sens. 

Puft Daddy:  Filip Kuba roughed up a guy on the wall.  The Sta-puft Marshmallow Man strikes!  I suspect it won’t last.  However, trying to live up to his new image, later on in the game, he ass checked a guy into the boards…unfortunately the puck is not in sight and he takes an obstruction penalty for his efforts.  Far be it for me to suggest anyone lay off the rough stuff but maybe work on it in practice a few thousand times and not use the regular season games as your petrie dish.  I’ve taught Hossa (my dog) a few things lately and he’s 9 years old, so maybe Kuba can get there, but for Chrissakes, don’t let Brennan goad you into making mistakes by doing something that you can’t do.

Sigh:   7 minutes into the second period and the Pizza line is back together at even strength.  You know what?  I’m willing to lose the next five games if it means the Sens develop chemistry for two lines in the process.  I honestly don’t believe this is a one line team.  I think we have just not been patient enough to find the right combinations that will work. 

Laconic Observation:  I really enjoy the hometown announcers; Dean Brown and Garry Galley.  I think they do a nice job of being mostly objective, giving good insight and just calling a game.  However, Dean really needs to stop with this: “shot tipped and it’s just low”  You cannot miss the net on the low side.  I know, it’s a pissy critique….I’m just sayin’.

Slap it, Bitch:  For some time, I’ve been thinking that the Senators should put Alfie back on the point of the power play.  We’re all up in arms about a puck moving power play quarterback (we are, aren’t we?) and yet we have someone perfectly suited to the job toiling away on the half boards/down low/net center/somewheres else.  Quit messin’ about and put him where he’s been so effective for 10 years.

Wrap it Bitch!  It’s a different loss.  It felt much more like a team playing together tonight.   Is there a talent deficit on this team?  I’m feeling it for the first time since I’ve been a Senators fan.  Or maybe it’s a chemistry deficit; either way, it amounts to the same in the win/loss columns.  They need to figure out which it is and deal with it in the next month.  Here’s a suggestion; work on the chemistry thing over the next 15 days and go from there.  Pizza is not the answer unless you’re stoned (or lazy).

Auld, not bad, not good….better than Gerber. 


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2 Responses to “The Bitch is Back!”

  1. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    Your dog is named Hossa? That’s awesome!

    Of course, if he’s less than four years old…not so much.

  2. freewillig Says:

    Yup, got him in 2001. Next one will probably be Spezza.

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