Praise Jebus!

Alfie signed today for 4 years and $22 million.  Very VERY reasonable.   What a great guy and a fantastic leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so that’s my initial reaction.  He IS going to be 40 when this contract expires.  He will certainly be overpaid at that time, but this contract also acknowledges that he was underpaid for the past 4 years.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t get hit by a bus.  This contract will count against the cap whether he plays another game or not.

I’m at the Wild game tonight, but MAY try to catch the game on Tiva after I get home.



4 Responses to “Praise Jebus!”

  1. Meaghan Says:

    WOO HOO!

  2. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    I am preparing the pedestal for his eventual bronzing as we speak.

  3. Meaghan Says:

    But SLC, how will he breathe?!

  4. Sens at Land’s End » A Lifetime Appointment (and a Game): Sens @ Panthers :: Stalwartly Supporting the Sens on the West Coast Says:

    […] what will happen when he eventually retires. Well, a comment Senators Lost Cojones made over at Hockeyschlock got me thinking, and I believe I’ve come up with a way to prevent the horrible leadership […]

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