Rumours: Don’t Believe a Damn Thing Eklund Says

The guy is a joke.  Not a ‘ha ha’ joke, but a pitiful one.  Spezza gone so they can bring in Khabibulin??  Makes zero sense at all….do I need to ‘splain it to you?  I does??  Spezza = great/young/signed for 6 years.  Khabibulin = good/old/signed for 7 months. 

If you want a real rumour (that’s based on nothing whatsoever), how about Spezza for Brian Campbell!  What you tink ‘o dat?  There’s a rumour!l…..or, Spezza, Fisher and Picard for Harvey, Lalonde and Geoffrion??  Talk amongst yourselves.  

Here’s Eklund’s gig:  throw a lotta shit at the wall…10% sticks; it all stinks.  The MSM complains about bloggers; they should be complaining about this guy.  He’s completely unchecked and yet he gets the time of day from some of the MSM and he’s just fulla shit.  It’s baffling.



2 Responses to “Rumours: Don’t Believe a Damn Thing Eklund Says”

  1. Keith from Jersey Says:

    Anyone that takes Ek seriously has a couple of loose screws of their own. I’m on his site often and never even look at his rumo(u)rs. There are some decent bloggers (anyone know any knowledgeable Leafs bloggers? They could use one over there…), and the conversation is entertaining if not sophomoric, though you can find people who are willing to actually talk pucks with you.

  2. freewillig Says:

    That’s what drives me nuts about the guy; the people who are willing to legitimize him just by their association. There are plenty of legit folks who write on his site. I don’t understand why. (smashing head on desk)

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