Radio Days

I got in the ‘ol time machine last night and went back to 1940 for the radio call of the Senators/Lightning match.  Hockey is a frustrating game to listen to on the original series of tubes.  Baseball and football are much more natural, but hockey moves so fast that it’s difficult to convey a true picture of the play.  So, that gets me off the hook for writing anything of importance today; all thanks to the jackasses in Tampa and the CBC who thought better of televising the game.  We lose in a shootout.  Who’s next?

Vermette involved in both goals.  I have to believe that earns him another game with the Spezz Dispenser and Heater and a chance to stick his whole head out from The Brians dog house; maybe a walk around the yard for a piss even.  I don’t necessarily think this takes him off the trade block (and I reiterate this is all in my head) and maybe just makes his value greater.  By the way; I’m officially recommending Antoine Vermette as a fantasy option. 

Another player I didn’t mention in the GM write up is Chris Neil.  I wouldn’t say he’s in the dog house or a whipping boy, but he is marketable since he can play the game and throw ’em if necessary.  And, we have Cody Bass waiting in the wings who can handle a similar role.  Bass isn’t quite as big as Neiler which worries me a bit for the Buffalo games as we wouldn’t have anyone to step up to Dickhead Peters.  Yablonski?  (bless you)  Carkner?? (there are lotions for that)

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