Come Fly With Me

Your Hate Makes You Strong

Going into this game, I was frothing at the mouth.  I hate the Flyers.  No really.. I’m sure I hate the Flyers.  The brawl filled game with Brashear acting a fool the whole game, chasing Havlat around the ice…your basic clownery; Bobby Clarke challenging Jacques Martin to a fight after the game; (That’s really kinda funny now that I really think about it); A spirited playoff series in 03;  And then there’s Steve Downie and his ass hattery.  Yep, I have a hate for Philly….or so I thought.  I couldn’t muster one ounce of animosity for that team tonight.  There’s no Brashear, no Clarke, no Downie.  And clearly, the Senators and Flyers players aren’t feeling it anymore.  Not even a Braydon Coburn major penalty for boarding Vermette was enough to get my blood up nor did it raise any ire for the Senators.  (for the record, I’ve seen much worse hits given only 2 minutes)

Nice Try Nogolov

Vermette get the first goal of the game…or not.  Upon review Antoine Havlat-ed the puck into the net.  There is not a doubt in my mind that was the correct call.   As mentioned before, Braydon Coburn gets a 5 minute major for boarding Vermette which results in a Heatley power play goal.  The set-up pass from Spezza would make a dead woman moist.  The best line on the ice has been the Fisher-Alfie-Winch line; the FAW line?  no…the WAF line?  not gonna do not gonna do.  The AWF line?  FWA…oh forget it!

Pride is a Sin

At one point, the production crew puts up Garry Galley’s rankings as a Flyer Dman.  It’s quite an impressive list, but what really is the point?  I liked Galley as a player.  I like him as a colour man.  I like that he coaches pee wees.  Who cares about his Flyer stats?!

That Guy’s a Loaded Gun

Not much brings more joy to my soul than seeing a player get his first NHL goal.  The shear joy on his face is reason enough to watch hockey.  The Winch with the first of his career and an apt reward for good work by this line tonight.  Which leads me to my standard bitching point regarding line chemistry.  Thank you, Herr Hartsburg for leaving the lines alone for a few games.  Amazing what getting to know each other can do for some players, isn’t it?

I just took a peek at the shots on goal through two periods.  The Fly Guys have only 10.  I felt they were sluggish but I didn’t have any idea it was this bad.  Simon Gagne is nowhere to be seen tonight.

Let Me Introduce You to Mr. Hand

It looks like the Fly Boys read my criticism and they’ve come out humming in the 3rd period while the Senators have their dicks in their hands.    But, good teams find moments to turn the MO and that come in the form of a McAmmond short-handed breakaway.  Deano’s deke looks to be in slow motion but upon review, the Flyer Dman was wacking him on the hands as he makes the move. 

Do I really need to ever say this again? 

Alfie takes over the last 5 minutes (at least, those minutes he’s on the ice).  He’s everywhere!  It’s a treat to watch him play hockey; it really is.  It’s a far cry from the Cake on Skates days when “abysmal” described his playoff performances early in this millenium. 

The Lakehead’s Best?

Alex Auld is the best player ever to come out of Thunder Bay (says the drunk guy at D’arcy McGee’s).  Auld is simply stopping pucks.  He’s not impressive doing it, except in the fact that it leads to wins and great numbers.  But to watch the man, you’d think manure was decomposing.  Honestly, I don’t care.  I’m just so thrilled that there is someone between the pipes that doesn’t have me ready to renew my post carrying license with every shot on net. 

The Senators are closer to being a .500 hockey team tonight.


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