Weighing in on Kostopolous

I haven’t even seen the hit; I don’t have to.  The argument remains the same.  Players today do not look out for their own safety enough.  I know the argument; “checking from behind is illegal”.  Yes, it is, but you sure as hell don’t see every check from behind being penalized; not even 10% of them are penalized in my estimation.  I’ve seen 20 checks from behind tonight in the Rangers game that weren’t penalized.  So, when is it illegal? When someone gets hurt or it looks particularly bad. 

The pee wees never allow a check from behind; It’s black and white.  And those are the conditions under which many of the current NHLers learned to play hockey.  They go straight to the board instead of taking a safe angle to the puck because the grew up playing in an environment that penalizes any check from behind.   They haven’t learned to look out for themselves; they don’t have to. 

If the NHL wants to reduce the injuries on this type of play, they have to penalize all hits from behind and then you have everyone complaining about how soft the game has become.  So, Mike Van Ryn, I hope you get better…and learned a little something.


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