Not Tonight Dear, I’m Feeling Lazy

Just give me the bottle
I’m dumping rubbing alcohol in my eyes and then tossing the rest of the bottle down my gullet.  The pain is nothing compared to watching this team tonight.  The Senators, in it’s current configuration, is getting on towards hopeless.  I about puked in the first period when Neil was interviewed during the game and said “we came out hard”.  CAMELSHIT!  The 4-0 loss to the Habs was a Rembrandt compared to this performance (Nice of the Habs to wait until tonight to mail it in, btw).  Bryan Murray can wait until tomorrow to get on the phones only because calling tonight makes us seem desperate.  By the way, we’re desperate.  Is Andy Delmore available?   

Some guy named “Pock” doesn’t want Ryan Shannon to live long and prosper.  An elbow to Shannon’s coconut left the youngster calling Volchenkov “mommy”.  I have to believe that’s the same 2 games Ruutu received.  Shannon’s salary will count against the cap as long as he’s out.  Crass?  so what.

The Pizza Guy
The welts on this guy have been building up, so I decided to keep an eye on Alex Picard in tonight’s game; as much as you can in a televised game anyway.  Lo and behold, the lad didn’t play an awful game.  He wasn’t a threat in the least, but he wasn’t a waste on ice either.  They finally moved him off the power play after a mere 9 games of proving he doesn’t have the skills and went with Fisher on the point in the late stages of the game.  Uh…’scuse me?  Alfie is pretty good on the point.  Did you miss the first half of this decade Herr Hartsburg?

You think we’re a one line team?
The Isles have Guerin and Weight and they’re fucking ancient.  That’s the team we lost to tonight; 3-1.  Ladies and Gentlemen, your Ottawa Senators.  Just spork me to death!


3 Responses to “Not Tonight Dear, I’m Feeling Lazy”

  1. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    Please note, torches and pitchforks will be issued only after a properly completed registration form has been received in our offices.

    Thank you,


  2. freewillig Says:

    Is there a waiting period?

  3. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    No, but there is a mandatory urine test to detect any traces of “Leaf”yness.

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