I Hate Re-runs

So this damn well better not be one.  There really isn’t a lot of upside for the Senators in this game.  Win and you won’t be flogged, is as good as it gets for the Sens tonight.  Lose and we (the team and the fans) fall further into the abyss. 

The first period looks pretty good for the Senators.  They are actually passing the puck out of the zone instead of chipping it off the boards and hoping to get it back in the neutral zone.  But all the pressure has yet to pay off and the Isles get the first goal in the second period. (uh, WTF were you doing on that play Chris Phillips?)  Here we go again!  I hope the team isn’t feeling as deflated as I am right now.

Piling on
And then the Isles get a power play goal.  I just noticed that I haven’t seen Neil in the second period.  He either hurt himself in the first or he’s been traded.   For some reason, I’m feeling the latter as the fight Neiler had wasn’t much of anything at all.  Now that I think about it, he seemed reticent to throw a punch so I wonder if he didn’t have an ouchie.   And the irony is that all I’ve been thinking since the first period is “are we going to hit anyone…..ever again?”  What a bunch of fancy pants.  

I can hardly stand it anymore.  Five minutes into the third and we can’t get the puck out of the zone cleanly, we can’t establish a forecheck and we can’t (or won’t) hit anyone.  What can we do?  Give up a third goal. 

Ahhhh…the lip reading
Kuba takes a 4 minute penalty for high sticking and seen on the bench is Herr Hartsburg saying “Pucking Ballshot”…or something like that.  This has really been the only sign of life for the Senators since the first period; we’ve had the puck more than the Isles on this penalty kill. 

With about 10 minutes left, the Islander announcers are just noticing that Neil hasn’t played in awhile. 

The Senators got a power play goal from Heatley and then scored with 1:30 left and Auld on the bench.  They then tried to play the last 90 seconds with the same 6 skaters who had been on for the goal and couldn’t get the puck into the zone because the guys were tired.  Nice coaching. 

This is no way to squelch trade rumours
Whatever IT is, the Senators don’t have it.  After the last loss, Bryan Murray said he wasn’t at the point where he was going to make a trade just for the sake of stirring the pot.  I’m guessing he’s a bit closer to feeling that way after this loss.  The man looked like he was sitting on a mountain of hemorrhoids in the press box. 

Here’s where I am:  I’m willing to go with some combination of Vermette, Neil, Kelly and picks for a puck moving defenseman and see where the chips fall from there.  Another 15 games, if we haven’t made progress, it’s time to go with Elliott and give him an NHL look; not that Auld is a problem, but to get a read for the future.   If Elliott is brought up, he’s the goalie.  It makes no sense to bring him up to be the backup.  It’s not worth wasting a year of development for a young goalie to have him backing up.  That means sending Gerber to the minors, so if by chance, we get things going there’s some cap room for the deadline and maybe Bowmeester, but honestly, I’m having a hard time figuring how you fit another $6.5 million cap hit to this team without trading Spezza.  If you trade for Bowmeester, it can’t just be a rental.  That’s just stupid.

I hate that I’m feeling Herr Hartsburg was a poor choice.  The lack of physical play is a direct reflection on him.  After the crap they’ve shown on the ice recently, that he can’t even motivate them to go out and pound some ass is really disappointing.   I’m worried that Scarlett may be more drunk than I am tonight and I really hope that SALE has forgotten (yet again) to stock her liquor cupboard.  My guess is Dany Heatley Speedwagon is ready to drop a cruise missle on the organisation and Five For Smiting will say something funny. 
As for me, I’m back to sucking my thumb again.


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One Response to “I Hate Re-runs”

  1. Meaghan Says:

    I think I’ll go to the liquor store tomorrow morning.

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