Jesus! Not New York AGAIN?!

If I can make it here…..uh…’s a farkin’ miracle
Let’s see…..the Senators are having trouble scoring goals at even strength (and in some games, at all).  Their breakouts are a mess.  They won’t hit anyone.  Their collective confidence is shot and they’re coming off back to back losses to arguably, the worst team in the league (I’m not including the Senators in that equation for whatever reason).  So, how about a match with the Eastern Conference leaders and one of the top 4 goaltendenders in the league?  Yep, I’m sure that’s exactly what we need.

Linus has his blanket back
The Pizza line is back together.  I was certainly one of the loudest proponents of splitting them up to see if something else would work and the Fisher/Alfie/Winchester line was the best thing we had going, but losing games is losing games.  Let’s just say I’m convinced.  Six games of rabblefest was enough for me.  This line should stay together.  You’ll never hear me say another word about it. 

Oh, for the love of Pete
Watching this power play has me pulling out what little hair I have.  I’ve taken to pinching out nose hairs just to heighten my pain for distractive value.  We can’t even get set up in the zone on a power play.   Trying to skate it in when the other team has 4 lined up at the blue line is in the dictionary.  Just look up “Stupid”.

Ruutu the clown
Love him? hate him??  I look at my shoes a lot when he’s on the ice.  He’s back and he’s got the Rangers riled up.  I bet they miss Hollweg and Avery for this one.  I’ll see your Bozo and raise you a Krusty and a Shakes

Fish don’t even have knees
Mike Fisher is out with a knee injury.  The play didn’t look particularly bad, but he was having trouble putting weight on it.  The injuries just keep piling up for one who is supposed to be one of the Senators most important players.  I feel sorry for him.  There is nothing more frustrating than an injury.  You can’t play and it takes weeks to get back to game speed when you get back.  However, can you say Bass?  I believe he plays center. 

Captain Fantastic
Fantastic individual play by Alfie for the game’s first goal.  The Senators were having trouble beating the forecheck and Alfie fixes that; takes it the length of the ice, dumps the puck in, wins the puck twice and walks off the boards and outwaits King Henrik for a poke through the five hole.  (I just happen to be wearing my vintage Alfie sweater tonight)  And now the team exhales and the Rangers are all over them…..sigh.

I really couldn’t see that coming
The Rangers have been all over the Senators in the third period as we’re content just to get the puck out of the zone.  The only thing that pisses me off more than this, is that as a team, we’re not willing to hit anyone.  So, I’m not at all surprised that sustained Ranger pressure leads to an equaliser.  Nope, I won’t be scratching my head over that one at all.  Now I’ll watch as we fall apart and lose 3-1.  Please prove me wrong.

Ryan Shannon, where for are thou?
Oh yeah…you’re having your brains unscrambled.   I have a feeling we could use a shootout specialist tonight.  There are two minutes left and I’d bet your first born this game is going to a shootout.  Not a huge stretch since neither of these teams is prone to lighting up the scoreboard this year. 

Yep, the Sens show no instincts in OT (puck possession people….dump and chase in overtime is the secondary definition of Stupid) and we go to a shootout we’re sure to lose.   I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we lose about 2/3s of these.

Ding Dong Dang…we lose.

Denouement (and the dead horse is further beaten)
They say that you hit rock bottom and there’s one more loss.  I pray to Yoda that this is that game.  We weren’t awful, but if 60 minutes of good hockey is the goal (aside from goals), we’re not there.  And, we’re never going to win on a consistent basis if we don’t inject some physicality into our game.  It certainly doesn’t help that Neil and Fisher now have injuries; the extent of which we don’t know.  Bryan Murray is trying to build a team that is tougher to play against and I’m not seeing it right now.  It just doesn’t come naturally to this group to throw the body around, save for Ruutu and Volchenkov. 

Oh, and a wag of my (middle) finger to the Sharks TV crew
To hear the TV guys tonight complaining that the Sharks have trouble finishing off teams, makes me want to strip them naked, hose them down and tie them to a flagpole in Nunavit.  You’re 15 and 4, you jackasses!


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