I Hab a Wart on my Fanny…Givin’ Me the Fidgets

Do you think the boys remember the complete ass-kickin they suffered the last time we faced the Habs?  Gawd, I hope so.  The Pollyanna in me says “no really, we played well last game, and they’ve really sucked lately.  This is a super (add a lisp if you want) opportunity”.   One thing I’ll say…it’s nice when the Habs come to town for this one embarrassing reason …at least there’s some energy in the building.

Cody Bass
I don’t want to make more of this than there is, but Bass had a big hit on Begin and Zubov gets a great chance shortly thereafter.  Bass draws a penalty with hard work.  Later, he gets in a fight with Begin.  It was a short but spirited bout.  I wouldn’t say our boy was an owner; he lost his skates, but what I like was he was still throwing punches the whole time he was falling down.  It’s inspirational….kinda like a speech from Jimmy Carter. 

You know what watching Cody Bass has done for me tonight?  It reminded me how much I dislike Shean Donovan.  Shean is the Anti-Cody; he has decent size and skates well.  You expect him to blast the opponent here or there but he just falls flat in the physical department….oh hell; Shean Dovovan is a pussy.  There; I said it. 

Don Van Masochistic.  I’m going to beat the shit out of him.  I suspect he’ll like it; why else would he wave off a Volchenkov (of all people) goal?  I just think he likes pain.  That’s all I can come up with.  (disclosure: in theory, I’m a pacifist, but I’ve punched people in the heat of competition so not wholly committed)  Anyhoo, Don Van Massenhoven completely fucked us out of a goal…and a Volchenkov goal at that.  He blew the whistle on a delayed penalty when the Habs had not even come close to possessing the puck.  Mike Brophy is also as good as dead.   His “oh well” rationale for disallowing the goal?  “I ran a stop light today and I didnt’ get caught”….that somehow makes the ref screwing us OK to Mike Brophy.  Well, maybe me wrapping a crowbar around your freakin neck and not getting caught is just about the same, eh? (fucker)

Shit!  Time to Settle Down
I like tulips.  Slather me in tulips. 

[we lose in another stupid shootout, btw]


2 Responses to “I Hab a Wart on my Fanny…Givin’ Me the Fidgets”

  1. Dave Says:

    Its so very refreshing to see that someone else had the same thoughts as I did after watching the game. I hope we all feel better after Saturday afternoons game….

  2. freewillig Says:

    Which part? You like tulips??

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