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I didn’t see as much of this game as I usually would see because I was busy reading and writing the live blog.  It was fun to “hang out” with the OBC for a game, but I really have no sense of the game.  We probably played well since we finally won a game; and by a significant margin…oh, and against the best team (record-wise) in the East.

Ruutu Wins
Paul Mara flat out admitted in his post game interview that Ruutu got to the Rangers. 

“Ruutu took liberties on our goalie in the shoot-out last game.  He doesn’t have much respect for the game out there.   I took it upon myself.  I know the team wasn’t happy with what he did last game. He didn’t have the courage to back it up.  I dropped the gloves, I was square on him; didn’t jump him from behind…right at him and that’s that…it’s over.  He had his chance and that’s it, we move on from there.  He had a chance in the third with Colton and obviously, he didn’t want any part of him either.  So, we can’t let guys take liberties on our teammate like that and he did and he didn’t answer the bell.  …it’s something I had to do for the team.  It’s too bad that they did score the power play goal and got us in a hole.  I guess he won the battle, because they did score on the power play.  …I don’t think he did much as a player out there.  He got us a little bit frustrated, but we talked about it between periods and we let him alone after the first period and he didn’t do much out there.”

What Mara and the rest of Rangers seem to fail to understand, is that Ruutu’s play in the shootout, was perfectly legal and really, VERY heads up.  He didn’t get off a shot and the puck hadn’t stopped moving, so he took his shot on goal.  IT WOULD HAVE COUNTED HAD IT GONE IN.  Also, I really have to ask, Paul Mara….in what way did you disuade Jarkko from taking further liberties on your guys??  What did you do to Jarkko that is going to keep him up at night??  I can guarantee you that Ruutu is a very happy camper right now and you’re just a sucker.  Oh, and he didn’t do much out there as a player?  You pretty much just admitted that he did EXACTLY what he usually does and that’s get under your skin and it may well have cost you a game.  (I still look at my shoes when Jarkko’s on the ice).

From the Live Blog:

Sens at Land’s End:  I wonder what Ruutu was like as a child.
Free Willig:  baby Ruutu:   intentionally puked on parents
toddler Ruutu:   projectile shitting while diaper free
grade school Ruutu:   shot snot covered rubber bands at class mates
TUC:  Um…blech?

Don’t blame me…I’m just a reporter.


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