Briefs….Even If I’m A Boxers Guy

I won’t be present for most, if not all of the live blog over at Scarlett Ice for the Battle of Ontario.  I’ll be stuffing myself stupid for American Thanksgiving, but hope to be home for the 3rd period.

I’ve run some numbers on the Senators salaries and we can fit Jay Bowmeester in under the cap this year and going forward, provided:

A)  We trade Vermette in the process.
2)  The cap doesn’t go down
C)  Auld and Elliott are our goalies next year
4)  We don’t have to pay our 12 & 13th forwards more than $1 million
E)  Bowmeester doesn’t want more than $6.5 million for his troubles going forward
6)  Kuba is not re-signed

All of this assumes a pretty static roster.  This is not a stretch when you consider all the no-trade clauses floating around the place.  Neil and McAmmond are the only forwards without a contract at the end of the season. 

For my next trick, I’ll show you why Bryan Murray deserves another 2 seasons to fix the mess we’re in, but that’s for another day.



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