I Think I’ve Seen These Guys Somewheres Before

This holiday season, I’m thankful for the love of a good woman, a warm fire on a cold night, the singing of birds, and the Centre Ice Package.  I love having the Centre Ice Package, but I have two complaints:  1; For the majority of games, Centre Ice will show the feeds from both the home and away telecasts (to the extent that there are two telecasts of the games), but in the case where the game is coming from Canada, we in the US do not get the game in high definition even if it’s broadcast that way (and they all are).  2;  If the second telecast is a game being broadcast nationally in Canada on TSN or CBC, we don’t get their feed at all and are relegated to the local schluff.   Given the choice, I generally will watch a Canadian telecast because the quality of announcing is such a step up, that is worth giving up high definition.  There are a few exceptions (hi Doc Emrick; Billy Jaffe how ya doin’) but I don’t watch a lot of their games to begin with. 

The Senators have seen a LOT of the Penguins over the past two years.   This is the third of four meetings this season and we’ve have a couple of playoff matchups each of the last two years as well.  Familiarity breeds contempt in the NHL so I’m looking forward to this one.  The last game I thought the Senators really gave a full effort was against the Penguins last March. 

Steigerwald and Errey start off with “you gotta love Lyndon Slewidge”.  Alright, that’s a nice bit of love.  I’ll take it.

First Period
Ruutu, Bass and Neil start the game.  I’m liking the message that sends: “Get’s yer asses puckered boys, it’s gonna be a rough one”.   Fisher’s line with Vermette  and Donovan also look like they want to hit and it takes a bit to get a hit out of either Vermette or Donovan; for the love of Christ, why don’t we do this every game.  I guess the Penguins bring out the best in the Senators. 

Steigerwag says Neil isn’t a heavyweight; that he won’t fight Godard?  Bullshit he won’t!  Chris Neil is valuable simply because he’s not an embarrassment on a regular shift AND he’s willing to drop ’em with the heavyweights.  He’s not going to win a lot of those bouts but he has my respect for stepping up.  Here’s a guy who wrestles with guys 40 pounds his better and gets in, and takes decent shots. 

The Pizza line is dominating early, but Sabourin looks sharp…how does that happen?  I guess the same way it happens for Mount Bauldinator; some guys just take longer to find themselves in the NHL and it generally happens this way with goalies, defensemen and Markus Naslund. 

Look at me; I’m not bored
Very entertaining first 10 minutes for a 0-0 game.  The Senators are all over the Pens.  Shots are 8-2 and the Sens have hit the post on a gaping (I love that word) net.  Still, the Penguins have missed on some passes to wide open skaters in shooting position so it seems they’re not really clicking today.

Steigerwad waxes “Shean Don with blinding speed.”  Oh please…the man skates well; above average.  Keep the hyperbole to yourself.

And that’s the best hit I’ve seen this year
Alex Picard got completely cleaned out by Brooks Orpik when trying to hold the puck in the zone.  Good on Picard for trying, but WOW, what a jolt!  The physical play really picked up for the last 2 minutes of the first period.  Both teams got in some good licks.   

Period two
Alfie blocked a shot on our end and then left the ice for the dressing room, after which, Spezza scores on a wrap around and the Sens finally get off the schneide.  It’s probably not that long ago, but it seems forever since the Sens had a lead in the first period.

We’re halfway through the game and there hasn’t been a penalty from either side.   This is probably a very good thing since the Penguins power play is some Lon Chaney- hairy ass-scary shit. 

Welcome back, Kotter
Alfie back on  the ice with 11:15 left in the 2nd and lookie what we have here…another goal by Jason Spezza.   2-0.

I’m gonna pound you, sucka….or something…..
As I said, bullshit that Neiler won’t go with Godard and he did ok too.   He gets inside and unleashes a few upper cuts, but takes some bombs to the side of the head.  Stick tap for you, Neiler!

Oh, my fargin’ head
Brooks Orpik has had quite a game; first he lays out Picard and then he runs the Spezz Dispenser into the turn buckle.  I’m impressed Spezza got up off the ice after his head was rammed into the glass; not only that, but he got up Giggling.  There are going to be tough times ahead, challenges to be faced, blind passes to the other team, but I’m willing to take my chances with Giggles.   

You feel shame
The Sens take a couple penalties in the middle of the stanza and the second one burns them.  It was really one of the headiest play I’ve seen by Crosby; he makes a slap pass from the wall to Staal in the slot.  Staal needed only to angle his stick to put it past Auld from 15 feet away.  The brilliance was the pass; Crosby with the deception first, and putting it right where it needed to be second.  Awesome! 

Say hello to my little…uh…. hat (hee hee)
Giggles bounces one off Letang from behind the net for the hattrick.   One manifestation of all the criticism Spezz has taken is that he’s shooting the puck much more.  Dare I say he’ll be over 3 shots/game this year? 

Third period
Anton Volchenkov clearly likes a challenge.  He has been absolutely stellar defending Crosby all day.  The fact that he doesn’t get a lot of mention in this space should just make you feel good about him.  And it was a mere 4 years ago that people were questioning whether or not he had it in him.  Here endeth the question.

Pittsburgh is really forechecking hard now.  Senators are going to have to figure out a new route out of the zone because the Penguins are sitting on the “around the boards” move.  It seems a great many teams have figured out that the Senators go around the boards too often to clear the zone and the forecheck sits on it. 

Last call for bus service to Morrisburg, Watertown, Syracuse and Binghamton
Brendan Bell shows why he’s spent 5 years in the minors.  On a Senators power play, he whiffs on a pass and then half asses it back while Malkin walks in for a shorty. 3-2  How Bell didn’t recognize the danger of Malkin is beyond me.  He seemed paralyzed by the failure of the pass.  I’m sensing that the ‘boy’ has a 10 cent head. 

I’m not convinced
The Senators withstood the final flurry by the Penguins and held on for a win; a good win at that.  But, I really don’t believe this cast of characters will be good enough to get it done.   When you’re relying on Shean Donovan to be an answer to your secondary scoring issue…well….that’s just a recipe that leaves you with burnt toast.  With that type of effort, they will win their share of games and maybe even make the playoffs….if they bring that effort.  But, that’s not really enough, now is it.


4 Responses to “I Think I’ve Seen These Guys Somewheres Before”

  1. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    This is probably a very good thing since the Penguins power play is some Dick Chaney- hairy ass-scary shit.


  2. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    And scarier.

  3. freewillig Says:

    I generally try to keep my politics out of my blog and I express my disdain for the human condition in other ways. However, I looked into emigrating to Canada four years ago….because I really like hockey and Rush and The Hip and Molson Golden.

  4. Senators Lost Cojones Says:

    Liar. Nobody likes Molson Golden.

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