That Thud You Heard?

Was the sound of my crest falling so hard it was felt in Ottawa.  I’m not going to say I don’t care about the Senators.  I will always care.  What changed for me last night?  I was no longer surprised, hurt or angry about losing to yet another team we should beat.  I will also no longer be able to summon joy when we win.  The wins won’t matter because this team is going nowhere unless there are changes in personnel.  I’m not interested in a trade for trades sake.   It has to be a good hockey move.  There are too many possibilities out there to speculate on what that might look like.  We’ll know a good hockey trade when we see it. 

No Longer Dejectedly Yours,

Free Willig
Hockey Schlock


4 Responses to “That Thud You Heard?”

  1. Meaghan Says:

    Oh dear.

    Stupid Senators!

  2. Keith Says:

    No joy in a win? Come on, guy. Wins bring a little joy because that means you are playing better than the opponent. A win shows that your team was together enough to shut down the opponent. That is at least part of the game, at least part of being successful. I agree that a win neither completely means that you are playing as well as you want nor that you are going to reach the ultimate goals you have. However, a win in disappointing, frustrating times feels good in the short run. Enough wins make the long run feel good, too. I picked up your crest and will save it until you need it.

  3. freewillig Says:

    There won’t be enough of them to matter. I’m not like you; I’m sure you’d find joy in a Lions win at this point. To me, when the Packers gain a meaningless win, it’s just an “oh well”. I still watch every game and look for reasons to be hopeful down the road, but if we cannot get into the playoffs, we will not win a championship and that’s what it’s all about. There’s no promise and therefore, no joy.

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