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Buh & Bye

March 5, 2009


You win some, you lose some.  Sometimes losing some is winning, some.  Unfortunatly, sometime not losing, some; is…well….not winning, some.

Losing is Winning
The Senators “lost” Marty Gerber when he was picked up by Toronto off waivers………..HEY!  I’m still talking here; get up off the floor and stop laughing.

Losing is Sad….and Happy
I honestly felt bad for Antoine Vermette.  While he was addressing the media after the trade, the guy just sounded so sad to be leaving the Senators.  It was heartbreaking and I’m going to miss the lad.  His speed and penalty killing were fun and appreciated (by me).  Having said that, I like this deal.  The Senators received the Blue Jackets’ 2nd round pick in this year’s draft and goaltender, Pascal Leclaire.  Taking on Leclaire is a gamble for the Senators.   He was expendable in Columbus because of the emergence of Steve Mason and his cap hit is $3.8 million for the next 2 years.  Pascal Leclaire had one good year, but he was REALLY GOOD that year.  We’ve seen this phenomena before (see Jose Theodore…twice, among others); a player having a stellar season when their contract is expiring, only to return to prior form when he gets the bucks.  So, do we get the stale Leclaire or the Chocolate Leclaire?

The Senators are in a spot where they have to get their goaltending on the cheap and in the scheme of things, $3.8 million is cheap for a number one goaltender….provided he performs, of course.  Pierre McGuire says Leclaire is the best goaltender the Senators have ever had (I’ll see his Leclaire and raise him a Hasek.)  To me, it comes down to this:  the Senators can stand pat with their goalies and see if Elliott can take the reins or they could try Leclaire.  I’m an Elliott supporter, but I’m happy with this option.

Not Losing is Losing.
The trade deadline is passed and Chris Neil remains with the Senators.  This is damn near inexcusable.  I don’t care if you’re not getting full value for him, when 2:55 eastern rolls around, you accept the last offer you received for him (assuming there was at least one).  There is NOTHING to gain by keeping him around.  Mr. Neil needs to get over himself if he thinks he’s worth $2.5 million/year.  Maybe the lack of trade deadline interest will convince him of this, but I seriously doubt it.  The Senators lose here.  A third round pick would have been fair.  A fifth round pick should have been enough.

What the hell is Filip Kuba still doing on this team?  If he was going to be re-signed, it should have been at a discount from his current salary of $3 million.  The guy sure as hell doesn’t deserve a raise!!!  I’m despondent about this signing.  Just terrible!!!!  Not only do we not get future assets for a guy that was said to have attracted a lot of attention, we have to watch this piece of shit for another three years.  I was fine when he came as a 2 player package for one overpaid Meszaros, but this isn’t much better than overpaying Meszaros would have been.  WFT??  The Sta Puft Marshmallow Man is just not a top 4 guy (not for a team that wants to win, anyway) and they’re paying him like one.  If they get a decent puck mover in the offseason, or Karlsson comes in and impresses, Kuba will be relegated to 5th defenseman minutes and now we’re paying him $3.7 to do so?  I want to die…..or better yet, kill Filip Kuba. (I remind you that I’m against killing and only employing hyperbole)

Going Back a Bit
I liked the trade acquiring Campoli.  Clearly, getting Comrie was simply a salary dump for the Isles.  Murray may well want to sign Comrie, but that could have happened in the off-season without trading for him.  So this is a late first round pick for a decent puck moving defenseman.  He’s not a top flight guy, but he’s pretty good and he’s dirt cheap for another year.   He can play top 4 minutes and is a second unit power play guy.  Unfortunately, we need him on the first PP unit.   McAmmond, who went the other way, simply didn’t fit into the Senators’ plans.  Old guys with scrambled brains typically don’t.