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Back From The Dead

November 30, 2009

Am I referring to the Senators or this humble writer?  It’s been so long since I’ve written here that I had to guess at my password.  Welcome back, dear reader.

My Take on the Heatley Saga
Prepare for a path of thorns, but, let’s begin with a bit of fluff.  Dany Heatley is a fan of the Dave Matthews Band.  How do I know this?  Because I was standing right in front of him at Alpine Valley (Wisconsin).  I was in row 7.  Yes, I had better seats than Dany Heatley.  Of course, he probably paid for about 30 seats I would think, just given the number of people in Badger red behind me.

So, did I take the opportunity to let him know how pissed I was about him betraying my favorite team?  Did I seize the moment and spill my beer upon his noggin?  Did punch him in the face?  Nope, I partied with him.  I turned around and said “Dany Heatley?”  He said “yep”, and reached out his hand to shake mine.  At that point, all the aforementioned thoughts ran through my head.  In the end, I decided that he was just a guy enjoying one of his favorite bands and left him to his own devices.  By the end of the show, however, we were fist bumping and sharing a beer.  Do I wish I had handled the situation differently?  Nope!

In any event, I suspect there’s something of his story out there in the weeds, of which we will never know.  By the way, Heater has a smokin’ girlfriend.

Trading Salary
Last night on the Hotstove segment of Hockey Night in Canada, the panel (which is a dyfunctional group, to say the least) talked about Brian Burke’s obsession to re-open the collective bargaining agreement in order to allow teams to trade salary cap space along with players.  Amid all the screeching and talking over each other, not one of the panelists brought up either of the two key points in this argument, as far as I’m concerned:

1.  Why is it so damn important to people that teams be able to trade?

B.  If teams are so damn intent on being able to trade, the GMs are in full control of this simply by leaving enough space under the cap.

I truly don’t care if teams are able to trade or not.  One would hope that a GM makes decisions about their roster as best they can given their circumstances.  If a GM spends up to the cap in the offseason, they have to accept that they may not be able to make a trade to improve their club later on.  If a GM decides to pass on a high priced free agent in order to save space to make a move later, that is his choice.  The salary cap, to some extent, was brought in to protect the GMs from themselves and it works in that regard.  I see no reason to remove that protection by circumventing the cap and allowing salary swaps in trades.

It’s infuriating to me that in the Hotstove segment, not one of the commentators made either of these arguments.  And why?  Because media types love to talk about trades.

The Question of the Day
Are the Senators for real?  As I write this, the Senators are 1 point behind the first place Bruins in the division and have 2 games in hand v. the Bs.   They’ve shown some moxie in coming from behind in games.  They’re getting scoring from more than one line.  Their most talented player (arguably) has yet to find his stride.

Here’s where I stand:  I honestly don’t believe this is a team that can make any serious noise in the playoffs.  The goaltending is not good enough.  The defense isn’t good enough.  They have Alexei Kovalev on the 2nd line.  Having said all that, I have NEVER enjoyed watching the Senators more than I do right now.  This forechecking game they’ve instituted is manna from heaven and very easy on the eyes.  And since I’m mixing metaphors, it smells of sweet cherry blossoms.

What I Like Best About the 4th Line
It’s not the 3rd line…’nuff said.

Someone ‘Splain to Me Why Colby Gets Five for Fighting