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Does anyone…uhhh…hate is an ugly word…dislike Kovalev as much as I do?

December 7, 2009

What a fuckin’ waste of 5 million dollars!  No, he’s not “making it look effortless;” he IS effortless.  Watching the forecheck game of the Senators is beautiful…until Kovalev is on the ice, then it’s a damn joke.  He’s the only one not putting forth the effort to make it work.

Carcillo’s Suspension is a JOKE
I have never been more disappointed with an NHL ruling than the one that suspended Dan Carcillo for his punch on Matt Bradley.  Bradley was dropping his gloves to fight.   Carcillo got around to punching earlier than Bradley; good for him….end of fucking story.  I have n0 idea what the NHL is thinking.

If you’re looking for a fantasy flier, think about Erik Cole.  I know I am.

Long Term Deals
Hossa, Alfie, Savard, Kipper…..they’ve all signed long term deals with ‘sweet heart backends’; meaning that the last year or two of the deals are on the cheap simply to reduce the cap hit in the near term.  There is very little chance the player will play in the league on the last year of their deal.  Does anyone really think Marian Hossa will play past age 37 and into the last four year of his deal that will pay him $3.5 million over four years?  NO !!

The league is talking ab0ut legislating this type of deal out of the game.  Can anyone tell me why?  I’m completely befuddled.  It’s not good for the team to do this.  If Alfie retires and doesn’t play for his  $1 million in 2012/2013 the Senators still have to deal with the $7 million cap hit.  Why does the league care??

STOP trying to save the GMs from themselves!!!!  The salary cap was one thing: the playing field wasn’t level….but to try to stop the GMs from screwing themselves on a mostly level playing field is just stupid….STOP IT!!!!!!  No one made Stan Bowman sign Hossa for a RIDICULOUS number of years.  Some would argue that former GM, Dale Tallon looks pretty good given this decision and they’d be right.  Hossa will be an albatros around the neck of the Hawks for maybe 4 years and certainly 3.   It’s all just so stupid!!

Have a nice night!