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Test Failed

October 31, 2010

The Senators “winning streak” of two games was against Phoenix, which was playing the 2nd night of a back to back and Florida; a glorified AHL team.  Tonight was to be the litmus test for a team thought to be turning it around.  Go back and read the headline…..I’ll wait.  Sure, they were playing against the freak of nature who has owned them over the past 4 years, but a home game, on a Saturday against a division rival; these are the games that test the mettle.  Turns our we’re a bit of aluminum foil.

#$#%^@# Kovalev

Anyone who thinks Kovalev is back because he has 3 goals in the previous two games, hasn’t been watching.  He’s the same lazy putz he’s been the past 12 years.  He just has nicer hands than many other lazy putzes.  I challenge anyone to send me video of Kovalev doing a “hockey stop” in the past 2 years.  That’s a lotta work for him.

Jack Edwards: the Man!  The Moron!!

“He’s fighting like a coal miner” (huh?)

“Chara sends him for an e-ticket ride to Disneyland”  (huh??)

I have nothing more to say….except the whole thing about the fan in MN and Rypien;  wouldja please!  Rypien attacked a fan who was clapping.  NO ONE involved has claimed the fan was chirping; not Rypien, not his teammates, not the Canucks, not the fan or the Wild.  You can say all you want about the Wild putting up glass between the fans and the players in the tunnel, but this was simply a player losing it.  And, even if the fan was giving him the business, there’s no justification for grabbing him.  I’ve seen comparisons (from Ron Maclean, whom I love, generally) about Boogaard beating Kesler and how fans encourage fighting.   Well Ron, Kesler has a job wherein he may be expected to fight and he knows that.  Certainly, he’s not going to be surprised by having to fight in the regular course of his job.  NO ONE shows up to a to a hockey game as a fan and expects to be confronted physically by a player.   Sorry Ron:  you’ve spent too much time with Don Cherry.


Commentary on the Commentator

October 23, 2010

My Senators viewing has become a bit less interesting and it’s not because the team is off to a cold start.

I’m sure Denis Potvin has never heard this before.  In fact, the words may have never been uttered before, but Denis Potvin is no Garry Galley.  Galley has moved on to the  Cee Bee Cee and Hockey Night in Canada.  Potvin has been rescued from South Florida and now resides as the Senators color commentator.  As an old guy, Denis might miss the weather, but I’m sure he won’t miss the hockey and it’s atmosphere in Fort Lauderdale.   As much as it is a given that Potvin knows hockey, the way he imparts his analysis has far less flair and interest for me compared to Galley.  I guess it only makes sense that CBC was able to take Galley away.  He’s just damn good at what he does.

Ok, let’s talk about the cold start.  Panic much, people?  This is pretty far from a crisis.

1.  It’s six games

2.  It’s the East

3.  It’s six games

Just Another Ho-Hummer for the Captain

Alfie gets his 1000th point in style with a hat trick.  Congrats to a classy guy.  And then another example of what I don’t like about Potvin.   “he’s one of us; Alfredsson has 1000 points”.  Sorry Denis, it’ s not about you tonight.