Commentary on the Commentator

My Senators viewing has become a bit less interesting and it’s not because the team is off to a cold start.

I’m sure Denis Potvin has never heard this before.  In fact, the words may have never been uttered before, but Denis Potvin is no Garry Galley.  Galley has moved on to the  Cee Bee Cee and Hockey Night in Canada.  Potvin has been rescued from South Florida and now resides as the Senators color commentator.  As an old guy, Denis might miss the weather, but I’m sure he won’t miss the hockey and it’s atmosphere in Fort Lauderdale.   As much as it is a given that Potvin knows hockey, the way he imparts his analysis has far less flair and interest for me compared to Galley.  I guess it only makes sense that CBC was able to take Galley away.  He’s just damn good at what he does.

Ok, let’s talk about the cold start.  Panic much, people?  This is pretty far from a crisis.

1.  It’s six games

2.  It’s the East

3.  It’s six games

Just Another Ho-Hummer for the Captain

Alfie gets his 1000th point in style with a hat trick.  Congrats to a classy guy.  And then another example of what I don’t like about Potvin.   “he’s one of us; Alfredsson has 1000 points”.  Sorry Denis, it’ s not about you tonight.


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