About free willig


A bit about me: I am an Ottawa Senators fan first, hockey fan second, carrier pigeon third. I used to be the fantasy hockey correspondent for the Senators on the ESPN site, but they’ve seen fit to discontinue that particular service so here I am. I watch upwards of 400 hockey games each year including all of the Senator games. On top of that, I attend about 20 Minnesota Wild games each season. Small animals trust me.

My real job is as Finance Director for an organization that shelters children at risk of abuse and neglect. Working with children has uniquely qualified me to deal with fantasy hockey team owners.

I can be contacted at alwillig@yahoo.com

I look forward to hearing from all of you, but keep in mind that your emails may be used in this space; anonymity assured, of course.


8 Responses to “About free willig”

  1. Keith Says:


    I must say that of all the hockey commentators that I have seen, you are one of the few with manageable hair. Brian Engblom, would you please take a tip from Hockey Al in haircut department?

    As a Redwings fan I tend to see the NHL through a Joe Louis Arena filter. From your perspective as a Senators fan first and hockey fan second, how do you size up the Redwings’ play so far this year. Their record looks good, but how does their hockey look?



  2. freewillig Says:

    Well, from my perspective as a carrier pigeon, the Red Wings all look very small. But, from a hockey fan’s perspective, the Red Wings have been impressive, especially Zetterberg and Mikael Samuelsson. The Wings are Cup favorites among analysts and with Vegas, so you have some folk on your side. But, they’re one goalie injury from having all of that fall apart. I’d be sending Hasek a LOT of vitamins if I were you.

    If you’re seeing them through a Joe Louis Arena filter, you have a pretty clear view since the stadium has been mostly empty, which is a real shame.

  3. Mike Says:

    Are you getting mentally prepared for Losing to the Hawks on 12/22?

  4. freewillig Says:

    I’m not even mentally prepared for the next loss the Sens will undoubtedly suffer, but I’m willing to place a wager on that game if you’re game.

  5. bibomedia Says:


  6. Keith Says:


    Here is the first tie breaker for playoff seeding (courtesy of nhl.com). What team at the end of hte season will not have played 82 games?

    Please explain.

    If two or more clubs are tied in points during the regular season, the standing of the clubs is determined in the following order:

    1. The fewer number of games played (i.e., superior points percentage).



  7. freewillig Says:

    Uhhh…I don’t believe that is what the first tie-breaker says. It would be “The greater number of games won”, which would lead to a superior “winning” percentage.

  8. Sven Gonad Eriksson (aka Brooksy) Says:

    Hey Al

    Are those your real horns or are you just pleased to see me ?

    What is hockey anyway ? Is it like ” he aims, he shoots, he scores – CAR ”


    Psycho Hosebeast

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